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Someone please help me. I need an android video editor that doesn't watermark my work pls.

I am using mpv to watch twitch and I realised now it kind of block ads. It just does not show me ads. That's awesome.

My thoughts, lessons and insights from using only the (Ctrl+Alt+F1) for one week straight

Probably not the most efficient way to do work in a computer, but definitely doable anyway. And goes to show how Linux is flexible and adaptive.

Post 5 in my project

I have tried Postmarketos, Openmandriva, Manjaro and Mobian. I should tried Archlinux. The distro I will use for long time is PostmarketOS because is the only one without systemd, so I will do my best to help in any way at the moment I just can test and report errors.

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I would say without any fear to be wrong. Mobian is the closest distro to be daily driver on Pinephone. There are many things to improve but It is the best I have ever tried. The battery is something that should be solve in the kernel in my opinion.

Someone told me that Emacs is easier to learn for left-hand people, and vim it's easier for right-hand people. What do you think? I agree.

¿Alguien interesado en participar en la creación de un portal para usuarios hispanoparlantes? Hay mucho en francés e inglés pero nada en . Noticias, foros, videos, etc de darktable en español. No tienes que ser informático, ni experto en darktable. Pero sí motivado e intetesado en la

This article is from 2016 and this explain many reasons why I defend licenses like GPL.

Companies have been the same for years, they use open source because they found a way to make money with it but they don't give a shit about ethics. That's why I support communities projects like Debian (despite of fucking systemd) or Artix. That's why I'd rather projects with GPL 3.

I believe one of the reasons Linux don't change the license is because of company pressure.

OK. I finally could finish my first flight. It wasn't as clean as I wanted but I finished without crashing. I know how to navigate and how to takeoff. I still need to learn how to landing properly. I had a lot of fun with this simulator.

Mixxx faces big challenges moving to Qt6. Maybe someone skilled with graphics programming and Qt can give us some advice?

Yesterday I got the permission to migrate company virtual machines from Centos to Debian or Devuan. I just have to be the less subjective I can to choose the best one depending on the service. So I decided to use Devuan in the most cases.

Does anyone know if Guix support cloud-init? If so is there a iso image? I was searching in the web but I haven't found anything. Maybe I am not doing well.

I have just switched from sudo to doas. For what I need in the laptop I think the change worth it.

Something about stock and "free market" 

Many people would believe I am communism because the way I normally express myself about companies. But nothing far from that. Actually I don't like anything about communism but I do hate when companies just want to make money at any cost giving a shit about people. I worked in shitty companies and I don't like when they don't have a bit of humanity.

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Something about stock and "free market" 

I am not an expert about these topics but I have read too much about it.

Companies like "Melvin Capital" now are crying because a bunch of teenagers wins them in their own game.

Those companies who have always been against regulations now are asking for them. Maybe the people from Reddit did something illegal but that what's companies like Melvin Capital has been doing for yrs. If there someone to investigate is Melvin Capital.

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