Finally a full-featured FOSS keyboard for Android:

- Swipe on scrollbar to move the cursor
- Swipe on delete button to select text
- Select all, cut, copy, paste and move cursor buttons
- Integrated clipboard (history) that sync with the system one
- Cancel and repeat buttons
- Swipe to type
- One hand mode
- Emoji

Now it just need buttons for custom text to quickly type personal email addresses, phone numbers or particular unicode and it will be perfect!

@huy_ngo I opened an account, I paid it and I haven't used it yet. I just found the service interesting. I am working on a personal project, I guess I will make my first commit there. I mostly use codeberg.

@gortbrown Window Manager, it's much faster than any DE and I honestly regret it I didn't learn in the past because in my case I became much more productive when I installed the first one.

@sotolf @efftoyz @hund In 2019 HyperbolaOS announced they was going to change Linux with OpenBSD fork kernel.
One of the reasons was the rust trademark restrictions, which make difficult apply patches on their distribution.
I speak from my ignorance because I don't know rust and I don't have anything against the language, actually I see the language cool. BUT the bad experience with systemd just taught me we should watch any disruptive change on the ecosystem with lens.

- I release you, be free!!!
- I am not a marine turtle you asshole!!!

@yyp Just ask @kev to include it or other admins to include it. They uploaded the Artix one when I asked them.

@eliasr I toot it in the past about that. Not only gnome but other open source projects, the best thing is that issue posted on GitHub was deleted. I don't care what gnome, systemd and others Red Hat's dogs would say.

they want an fsf and a gnu project that can be more easily infiltrated and repurposed by determined opponents. they're thinking of their own wishes to take over, but not of the powerful enemies who'll come in through the hole they're poking. why would anyone who cares about software freedom want that?

@jrballesteros05 @t3rr0rz0n3 👏 👏 👏

Eso ess 😃 Con decirte que igual el 90% o más de donaciones hacia mi persona por nogafam.es, al menos por sus nombres, parecen ser personas de España... te lo digo todo 😃

La gente en esta comunidad está muy entregada a un cambio, necesario 😊

@t3rr0rz0n3 Me parece curioso que en la comunidad hispanohablante haya mas apoyo a RMS que en la comunidad Angloparlante. Yo me hice miembro de la FSF y terminé donando por cumplir 35 años. La misma página de la FSF dice que el 80% de las donaciones proviene de gente como nosotros, así que nuestras donaciones valen mucho mas de lo que mucha gente piensa.

@sotolf @lig In any way I hope you can solve your issue. I don't know if you work for a company, I was a employee, or if you own a company, which make things a bit harder.

@sotolf @lig I understand because I've been in a project with exactly the same problem you are describing and I immediately was looking for other job because that project was making me crazy. I hate when fucking customers don't have any fucking idea for what they want but when you try to give solutions they believe they know more than you and send your work to trash.

That normally happens when there is not scope well defined. In my case I had to talk to company to hire a project manager.

@sotolf @lig I don't know what kind of project you are but that's one of the reason I didn't want to become a developer despite I like it because in mostly of those projects the scope must be well defined otherwise you will only get problems.

I know, in every project the scope must be well defined but I have the feeling that in development projects is easy to get out the scope, especially if you are developing for a customer.

@werwolf Cualquier tipo de apoyo será bienvenido. Cuando me hice miembro, decía que el 80% del presupuesto que ellos tienen vienen de personas como tú y yo. Por eso me la pela que empresas como Red Hat digan que no los patrocinará más nunca.

init systems :troll: 

“systemd is to PID 1 what Bitcoin is to money.” —Lennart Poettering

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