The FSF exist to defend the Free/Libre Software ideas and their ideas. If they yield to board of director from bunch of companies they would lost the ideal they defend, so....

Cristal Generation 

This is a light version of Kong vs Godzilla for you pussy Cristal generation who gets offended for everything.

Rape? Really?

Rant against Facebook and the "politically corrections". 

The only reason I stay on Facebook was because I use it as an agenda. Nothing more. A friend I met years ago just uploaded a photo and I Commented "He has such a retired drug addict face". We usually make jokes like that each other. Who the fuck is Facebook to tell me what is correct and what's not? Fuck Facebook and fuck this fucking Cristal generation, it's not my fault I can't even make a joke with my close friends cause u r pussies.

OK. I finally could finish my first flight. It wasn't as clean as I wanted but I finished without crashing. I know how to navigate and how to takeoff. I still need to learn how to landing properly. I had a lot of fun with this simulator.

Really Fligthgear, failure engine just when i was close to landing? I know my landing would not be the best but common. This simulator is quite hard but it still fun.

Fucking influencers 

This is the post talking about going to hospital.

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Fucking influencers 

This "influencer" said "Cold is psychological". Now she is in hospital because of hypothermia.

That's why I removed social networks like Twitter because of fucking influencers. Many of them don't have any fucking idea about science and encourage people to follow the same stupidity they normally do.

I shared this image in WhatsApp status and many people is migrating to signal. The image is in Spanish. Yeah, it is ironic that I am using WhatsApp to promote other apps but I think it's the most effective way.

Well, this is much better. I "materialized" all the configurations. I am pretty happy with the final result.

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