@jrballesteros05 same 鈽濓笍 but I talk about security & privacy and how important this is 馃

@jrballesteros05 Two hours? 馃憖 why don't you spend some of that to tell them to join the fediverse?

@jrballesteros05 two hours is not enough to understand, you had to turn back and proceed with telling them about Linux and open source.

@iron_bug I wanted to teach them about the Stallman church but they didn't want to listen to me :P

@jrballesteros05 "Oh god, why are you using Windows, it sucks!" 鈥 Me as a small kid (from memory of my dad)
@piggo @jrballesteros05 Same but I think it's quite rare for something like a 5 years old kid to rant about how bad windows is.
@jrballesteros05 the natural defense mechanisms of the linux user are a formidable deterrent against predators but none is more potent than the dreaded arch linux user.
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