Proxmox is built just poorly enough to make you feel like an idiot who's never used a computer before in your life. It's like "here's a gui, but we wont tell you which 50% of standard config you cant do with it."

@trhr I am looking for an alternative to proxmox that does not depend on systemd. Sadly I don't see others like that. I don't mind to use a pure cli alternative but sometimes having a GUI helps a lot. If you know any I will appreciate.

@jrballesteros05 wish i could help, but my experience is in cloud deployment. This is my first attempt at proper virtualization outside of k8s/docker.

Proxmox came recommended to me, but the people who recommended it are doing simple stuff like plex/bittorrent stacks. my use case is an integrated RevOps/DevOps/IAM server, and I'm finding Prox to be entirely lackluster on practically everything.


@trhr Ahhh. Proxmox is useless in your case because proxmox is a "traditional", maybe legacy, hypervisor. Maybe what you are looking for is "Openstack" but it might lacks some features compare to commercial clouds environments.

@jrballesteros05 I considered OpenStack, but realistically, I just have the one server. OpenStack seems like it works way better with a cluster, and I heard rumors that OpenStack was sunsetting/not getting much dev effort anymore.

@jrballesteros05 Also, I went down this path thinking "Proxmox has ZFS and Ceph! I make fun of them both on twitter, let's try it!"

Then I realized two out of three of my RAID controllers don't have HBA mode, so I can't use either one.

Bummer :(

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