I have heard about the IPV6 revolution since 2005 and 16 years later we are far from a IPV6 migration.

Now there is a business with IPv4. I think the problem is not we lack of IPV4 address but there are many of them unused.

@jrballesteros05 I have worked with some NAT (network address translation) solutions that are needed because of the lack of IPV4 addresses. I can tell you that it is a terrible mess, the proper solution would be to move to a system with enough addresses available, such as IPV6.

I think that brokep may have a point: the current situation benefits those who own lots of IPV4 addresses, it is not in their interest to change this.

For the public good, moving more to IPV6 would be a good thing.

@eliasr I even saw weird network topologies because there aren't enough IPV4 address. I agree the movement to IPV6 should be done as soon as possible.

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