Ok I have to admit that cloud makes things much more comfortable. But am I the only who thinks that moving everything to cloud is a huge mistake?

Many companies have been doing that.

Many companies are even more aggressive, they want the future with laptops like Chromebooks. I think it is a huge mistake that trend because it will create a vendor lock. Now the main cloud providers are Amazon, Google and Microsoft, maybe Alibaba.

@jrballesteros05 it is a huge mistake. Again.
Seems like an infinite cycle of good ideas, turned into big business and ending in corruption by power.
Not because people are evil or big corps are evil. It seems just hard to keep a balance once all checks are out of business.


@ghost_letters That's what makes me so sad. Good ideas create by people for people are fucked up for the same.

Football or soccer
Free software and open source.

All are amazing ideas until someone decide to make money with it and just stole from the people.

Sometimes I don't know if business is compatible with community ideas. I don't say everything has to be free (as free beer) but at least transparent.

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