This is what I have been trying to say but my English is not enough.

I have been bitching about companies like GAFAM but I also wanted to bitch other companies like Elastic, Mongo and Redis. At least Microsoft release something as proprietary because they don't want competitors see what they are doing but Elastic, Mongo and Redis just want the best of two worlds "Proprietary" and "Open source" without the disadvantages of both.

Stallman is normally right.

@jrballesteros05 open source is useless. I only believe in free software.

And yes, Stallman was right, as always

@werwolf Look at the cloud. It is 90% based on open-source and free/libre software and the services they provide are normally proprietary. Is that what we want? I thought companies would be good for open source but now I am not sure. Look at Android, they say they are open source and with every update apps relies more and more on Google services.

@jrballesteros05 companies use open source source code but they don't open their code. They're only trying to make profit.

And if Android is open source it's only because the Linux kernel is under the GPL license.

Software has to be free, free as in freedom. The only way to achieve this is by forcing companies giving back code.

@werwolf I remember when GPL was violated a lot by companies. If companies don't give a shit about GPL what could we expect about more permissive licenses?

Something good about the "shared sources" is that at least defenders of licenses like GPL and permissive licenses like MIT agreed that shared source is crap.

@jrballesteros05 Yeah, I always want to disagree with Stallmann when I first hear what he says, and in the end he's mostly just right


@sotolf @werwolf I was the first to disagree with Stallman in the past, I used to say he was extremist. Now I humbly say that I was wrong and Stallman was right. I agree that permissive licenses are much more free than viral ones like GPL but at least GPL demands companies to give back instead of being parasites.

@lig I also want to point that everything which makes money, with some exceptions of course, is closed. Another example, Valve. Many people is in love with Valve because they suppose to love Linux but the truth is they are exactly the same as Google. They even didn't release the engine when many competitors have done, but many people admire Valve.

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