Which do you use for your open source projects? Why? 🤔

@celia I use GPL because is copyleft and if someone forks one of my projects (Never happened 😛) I would like to see the improvements as libre software. The GNU page suggest which license to use depending on the strategies for your project.


@jrballesteros05 @celia There’s also choosealicense.com

For small libraries or small ebsites, I use the DWTFYWTPL: github.com/meduzen/canwe/blob/

For bigger open source projects… I still have to make a choice. I’m only figuring out now I forgot to put a licence on canistop.net :oscar:.


@meduz @celia I have forgotten "chooseaalicense". Thank you 😀 . That's very good page. You've just remind me that I got to do something hehehe. Thanks.

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