I have noticed a large portion of those on #Mastodon happen to be #Linux users and #FOSS advocates in general. Lets see just how many are.

What's your OS?

In 2020 I wrote a post about Searx and I also wrote why I didn't trust Duckduckgo. Now the time is proving I was right.


I don't trust in proprietary crap, sooner or later they will betray you.

« The privacy-focused purposely allows on third-party sites due to an agreement in their syndicated search content contract between the two companies […] However, while performing a security audit of the DuckDuckGo Browser, security researcher Zach Edwards discovered that while the browser blocks Google and Facebook trackers, it allowed Microsoft trackers to continue running » 🙄


I'm looking for a job again.
alas, the company I worked for demands relocation. my only fault is I was born in USSR and for decades I lived in a city where I was born and I don't want to relocate just because of the dirty war started by putler. I don't plan to play populism and support all that cancelling Russians hype. 146 millions of Russians cannot relocate abroad. this is nonsense. and programming is not related to the war, I have never attacked anybody in my life. I am a software developer, I work remotely, as I always did for the past years.

so I look for a remote work as a C/C++ developer for Linux. I have over 20 years of experience. particularly, in system programming, networking and high load server software development, embedded devices, hardware related programming, backend development and telecom. I work with Linux and prefer to write in C. but also can write in C++, although I like it less than pure C.

of course I don't work for any RF government related projects (and I never did before, because I know what they are), I still don't participate in any anti-human activities like spying after users, data stealing, Internet blocking and any kinds of fraud. I work for fair business that respects their clients.

and yes, I'm self-employ#ed, I have a bank account with SWIFT and pay all the taxes myself. I work remotely by contract, on my own hardware (if applicable) or on remote servers via ssh and/or VPN. I fluently speak English and worked in teams with foreign co-workers.

link to my profile on LinkedIn.
#C #C++ #job #jobsearch #Linux #programming #software development

There are examples of this Centralization everywhere.

Most traders use Coinbase or Blockchain.com, both are centralized platforms.

Twitter's NFT APIs use OpenSea's APIs and so when those crash, it also crashes Twitter's NFT system.

2 Companies (Infura and Alchemy) are dominant in Blockchain APIs, which means most Blockchain apps are dependent on those platforms.

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The crypto "ecosystem" is not decentralized, they all rely on fragile currencies and when those currencies drop. (Which they do quite often, Tether just dropped yesterday) Everyone loses their money.

Remind me again why I should switch to Cryptocurrencies?

how is crypto decentralized if it all crashes together

Windows is a piece of shit. Especially the version 11. Anytime I have to touch a laptop with that crap i feel a pain on my eyes. Why the fuck they made difficult to create a local account?

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