These kind of initiatives are what we need.

I don't know how open it is gonna be but I guess we have a small door to put hardware that is 100% fully compatible with libre/free software.

Many companies are even more aggressive, they want the future with laptops like Chromebooks. I think it is a huge mistake that trend because it will create a vendor lock. Now the main cloud providers are Amazon, Google and Microsoft, maybe Alibaba.

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Ok I have to admit that cloud makes things much more comfortable. But am I the only who thinks that moving everything to cloud is a huge mistake?

Many companies have been doing that.

This is what I have been trying to say but my English is not enough.

I have been bitching about companies like GAFAM but I also wanted to bitch other companies like Elastic, Mongo and Redis. At least Microsoft release something as proprietary because they don't want competitors see what they are doing but Elastic, Mongo and Redis just want the best of two worlds "Proprietary" and "Open source" without the disadvantages of both.

Stallman is normally right.

Librem 14: Adding Librem EC, Freed Embedded Controller Firmware

"Starting with the Librem 14 laptop we are including fully liberated Embedded Controller (EC) firmware with all the source code available."

#Librem14 #firmware #freedom

I installed freebsd as a server and I like installing packages from ports. I love how everything is organised.

ITM ladies and gentlemen. I'm newbie to FOSS world. I really got interested during and after the election and watching Bigtech treat users as peasants. Recently I switched to Linux, and gutted my Pixel 4xl and replaced GApps with Open source. I'm still learning and improving.

Boost this toot to make Tux :tux: happy ;)
Software: LibreOffice Draw :libreoffice:

In an effort to promote the use of open and FOSS platforms rather than proprietary and locked down ones, as postmarketOS we created our own community on Lemmy!
Please join us in making it an awesome FOSS and federated alternative to our subreddit!

I am finally confident enough to do this. Let me introduce you to the challenge, the point is, 1 hour of your normal workday, you'll turn off any kind of internet connection and work using that. You are of course allowed to do anything you would usually do, even download stuff beforehand etc. I guess the point is to make me less web-reliant. I think I'll spend the hour learning more about rust in the rust book I downloaded :)

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