Major performance improvements coming to the thanks to work by Ondrej Jirman (megi).
Video shows UI performance of
@kde on
@postmarketOS, but the fix will benefit all OSes.

I tried Gemini and I have read that is becoming a bit popular. I want to know what are the advantages over Gopher for example. Does codeberg pages support that protocol? I haven't seen anything related.

I was procrastinating and I found this in Spanish:

I wrote in 2017 something about I was in favor of Snap and Flatpak packages. I was wrong!!!!

If someone ask me I will say "An alien wrote that" 🙄

I tried to install Axolotl on Arch and I give up. It just plain and simple won't work :(

I managed to get it to not show any errors by switching from ``nodejs`` to nodejs-lts-erbium`` but the path it should be in still doesn't exist. If any of you managed to install it i would highly appreciate some help but i wont waste another minute on that crap.

Someone in the Artix forum posted about nim language programming. I got some interest on it. Did anyone in the fediverse has tried it? How is it?

I made a script in python for one of the customers from the company I work and they asked me to do another one. I wanted to do it in Rust just for learning but now with nim I don't know if I should take the risk.

I've seen in many places, comments about Archlinux that say "it's not stable", That's a myth, Archlinux is the same, or even more, stable that many distros. You only have to make sure two important things:

1. Keep the system update. If you don't update frequently you will have problems. And BTW Keeping the system update with the latest software is one of the main reasons to install Arch.

2. Arch is like a DIY distro, so What you break you fix.

I have heard a lot of positive comments about Pop!_OS in the Spanish community and I also saw many good comments here in the fediverse.

Well uh.... I think has also been screwed by our loving and benevolent overlords... or at least has had a prolonged outage out of nowhere.

This marks less than a week since the whole thing so it's not looking hot for other stuff like .

I am NOT a clout chaser or alarmist... but it ain't rocket science to see things are currently moving and shaking.

My Systemd hatred has arguments and the big one for me is we cannot allow Red Hat, in this case, or Canonical do whatever they want with Linux. Systemd is driven by company and I don't think that would be good for the ecosystem in the future.

I still think the importance of other Unixes like *BSD. Maybe all the Foss is driven by personal interests but I would rather those interest about what will be the future of Linux will be decided by community.

Fuck systemd.

Snap, Flatpak and AppImage are a blight upon this Earth.

And no, they are not "super-duper" just cause you can easily install Spotify (or any other proprietary crapware) on any GNU/Linux distro.

The second one reason is more important to me. Especially for my childhood friends. I don't know how to fancy this. I do want to delete Facebook forever. I don't want to stay in more social networks, I want mastodon to be the only one.

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2. I have been in London in 2009 and I made many friends from Europe. I lost contacts with all of them through the years and I honestly thought I would not see them again in my life. I thought I would love in Colombia all my life. Things changed when I came back to Europe, in Spain, and the company I work in Colombia decided to move me to Spain. I contacted all of those people and was thx to Facebook. I don't know if I have to check contact by contact in Facebook and try to get their emails.

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I honestly fucking hate Facebook and I don't use frequently as I used to in the past but there are two reasons for why I haven't deleted my account yet and I need to help me with solutions.

1. Birthdays. I am planning to migrate it to a synchronized calendar, I use Syncthing and I thing I am going to use a file and keep that file sync through my devices (laptops, rapsberry pi and mobile phones). If you know other solutions I will check it out.

To be continued...

"Everyone is on GitHub. We will use it for convenience"

I have just realised that Duolingo changed the items on its "store". So if I made a mistake in the lessons I lose a life and may time I get without lifes I have to pay, with the Duolingo's blue gems, for a recharge. So I used to have a lot of red gems in the past and they changed the system to make me pay for Duolingo plus? WTF Duolingo? I earned all my fucking gems studying and I don't want to lose them just for mistakes in the lessons.

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