Integrating onedrive through API is quite a pain, I need a fucking browser to have the process completely done. I had to do a "workaround" to solve the issue but this is crap like everything Microsoft does.

I don't know if this is a ISP problem or Twitch problem but many people and I cannot see any twitch channel.


"Dios y patria", which literally translates "God and country" are words used a lot by extreme right, I am just fed up about those words and anytime I heard them I say nothing good can come from people who usually tell them. Fucking fascist.

I've just updated my searx instance on my raspberry pi.In my case I use duckduckgo and startpage as search engines and the instance was only searching on duckduckgo, now the issue is solved.

Colombia politics 

Government call people who protest , demanding their rights, "vandals" while the people who agree with them can use weapons to attack the other one with the permission of the police and they are called "gente de bien" (good people). Good job, you are attacking with weapons while those "vandals" defend themselves with rocks.

Government has been destroying the country for years and pretend people will be happy forever.

I have finished another article for my blog. It's about systemd and the reasons why it is widely hated and considered harmful for the Linux ecosystem.

Colombia politics 

"Colombia cry but don't give up". This is the biggest "mochila"(bag) made by hand.

Seguramente si usaras redes sociales privativas, el algoritmo no te diría que están cometiendo un acto contra los derechos humanos en Colombia, porque claro, "no forma parte de tus gustos"

Ésta es la desinformación, personas que tienen información muy diferente a otras, ¡basta ya!

Esto está ocurriendo en #colombia y los medios internacionales callan. #SeanCapacesDeSentir 😔😔

I wrote to them in the IRC channel but at the moment the author don't receive one-off donations.

Here are his reasons why he doesn't:

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Hello fediverse, The creator of S6 suite is looking for sponsors to work full time in a new "service manager" for Linux distributions, I spoke to my bosses but they don't seem interested on sponsor this kind of projects, if you know or work in a company who does please contact this guy.

I use the s6 suite and it's amazing, many people don't know that s6 supervision suite is used a lot on containers.

If you don't know but you want to help, boost this toot please.

Colombian politics 

Anonymous Colombia suggest people to go back home at night because militaries received the order from government to kill people. They suggest people fight back during the day and they will take care during the night.

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Colombian politics 

La gran diferencia entre ustedes y nosotros es que no usamos armas y no dejamos que políticos de mierda nos den órdenes. Cuando algo malo pasa siempre responden ustedes y no los putos políticos que te ordenaron disparar.
The main difference between you and us it's that we don't have weapons and we don't let fucking politicians orders us. When something wrong happens you fucking police are the first to respond no the fucking politicians who ordered you to shoot.

Today I received a new about my cousin has just passed away because of covid. I am really sad because we grew up together and he was the only son of my aunt. It makes me sad because I am too far away from home.

Fediverse, take care of covid and care your people, tell them you love them because you don't know when it will be the last time. I have heard those words many times but I haven't realised how meaningful are when it happens to me.

New RYF certification! The ThinkPenguin, Inc. Free Software Wireless-N Mini Router v3 (TPE-R1300) is now certified to Respect Your Freedom. Read more about the new certification: and learn more about RYF at

Browser on the cloud.

Bad or good idea? I don't know. However, I still think the idea of moving everything to cloud is a big mistake.

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