Thank you @sotolf I actually used IRL this morning.

Such a different feeling when you know how to investigate a situation.

Finally, I have them ALL. Take a look at this beauty.
Now I support BOTH Github and Mastodon. No more excuses to leave a comment on my website!

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I would be interested to know what triggered up up tick in popularity. The likes of distro tube and the @trendytalk gang making videos helped. But where did that uptake come from?

I did it OK. I set up a site. Gosh. Am I too late for the hype?

Well. It has taken 5 or so months but I think I am finally getting my head around self hosting some services with Docker and a reverse proxy.

I want to say it has been fun but ...

Since moving to Linux full time and thus not having access to Sequel Pro (SQL GUI) I have been able to explore one of my long term professional goals.

To get better at running SQL commands directly in the terminal. It was disorientating at first but I have been able to achieve what I need to.

Sometimes the output is very noisy and I don't know why.

I am pretty happy with the second incarnation of my . For something that doesn't have a lot in it, it took a long time to get there!

The colours are subject to change. My terminal and editor is Seoul256 and GTK is Arc. So might have a look at what an Arc theme would look like.

Had that sinking feeling this morning as I turned on my computer and it didn't work. Polybar launched but I couldn't open anything. I suppose sxhkd didn't load?!

It seems that when all the Americans are awake, Odysee runs really slow ...

So my current thinking is to make my smart phone ... less smart. Using screen time to restrict access to some apps.

The intention is to recreate a dumb phone in essence without buying other hardware or compromising so much. (Photos to the wife)

So no web browser or App Store. Yes to signal and texts.

Gemini browser? Yes or no?

Use the phone less... but it can still be useful. Where is the line?

Question for users.

If I launch a terminal application with:

alacritty -e pulsemixer

How do I write a rule to make that window floating?

bspc rule -a Alacritty:pulsemixer state=floating

☝️Didn’t work I don’t think. Plus a bunch of other combinations I tried didn’t do it.

@binyamin Do you have any recommendations for reading the Hebrew Scriptures online? I.e. in Hebrew.

I have a few BHS physical copies in the house but sometimes need to read on my phone for whatever reason.

This morning for example I want to read Jeremiah in context (as much as I am able!)

Spent about an hour in BSPWM so far and it is refreshing how small the config is. Coming from xmonad where Haskell made things look verbose.

I feel a lot more comfortable writing bash that’s for sure.

Polybar wasn’t much fun mind...

So I had a nice chat with my boss yesterday. After my Mac needed repair I switched to Linux . It has been a month since that happened and the Mac came back fixed after about 10 days.

I never switched back because it’s a bit of work to move current work over. Yesterday my boss asked if I didn’t want to just stay on Linux.

I’d call that a good result 😊

What I liked about xmonad is that xmobar was named to come along for the ride. It’s like installed xmonad? Need a bar? This one is named like it is really going to work well with what you have. Thanks.

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