We seem to be immortal beings experimenting, playing, with the experience of mortality. There are modalities with which we can endeavor to connect with our true nature and with our reasons for embarking on this existence, questions upon which much light is also presumably shed upon our death. How considerately, elegantly, lovingly, intelligently, shall we perform this experience? What might we learn from it? What might we make of it?

It's not about rebelling, it's about optimizing, embracing positive possibilities, avoiding unnecessary disasters (pic via twitter.com/pickover/status/12)

Maybe the best thing each of us can do to help bring about the paradigm shift is to make a genuine personal commitment or recommitment to embodying noble values and participating constructively without being given orders or money. jmmsynch.blogspot.com/2019/10/

...the maximally user-friendly, flexible, programmable graphical interface would have thousands of uses, including functioning as a suitable environment in which for AI to be both developed and deployed...The process of automatically & continuously fetching the most relevant possible information from around the Internet may be very similar to what the subconscious mind must do continuously & automatically: present the most relevant possible material to the conscious mind. patreon.com/posts/graphical-an

Bryan Caplan's arguments fall short of full zhergishness, but promulgating them could have some positive effects foreignpolicy.com/2019/11/01/i

Spiritual beings having human experiences on planet Earth are creating artificial scarcity through competition.

Edited "The paranormal & the paradigm" today: changed "We set ourselves against each other" to "We set ourselves, and parts of ourselves, against each other"

Part 2
And indeed there are some big issues for us to approach and solve. Examining the nature of our situation, we can see the value of some very epic changes. To wit, there’s a competitive character to much of our lives, and to many of the systems by which we organize the world. We set ourselves against each other, on the premise that this helps preserve fitter, more well-adapted behaviors, that without organizing ourselves by means of competitive game structures...

Turkish militias reportedly going house to house killing Kurdish families
Oct. 26, 2019 - 5:01 - Retired Ambassador to Yemen Gerald Feierstein breaks down the Turkish incursion of Syria.


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