Zherg.net offers a clear vision for a positive paradigm -- a set of broad, robust principles for what we want and what we don't want in our lives zherg.net

Just published: Z5 Paradigm Framework

With Z5, we took a minimalist approach, including only the key text from what was published in 2017 as "Z3 Paradigm Framework, part 2" (with one sentence edited in 2018).

Our aim is not to deprecate any of the zhergish ideas that are omitted from Z5. Our aim is to offer a short alternative version, which may prove more salient in some situations.


"Of particular interest are computational principles specific to systems with limited short-term resource capacity, a category that has recently been shown to have critical empirical consequences."
Noam C

If you want to say truth and love in one syllable, say zherg! Zherg.net

How about a world structured around inquiring minds and open hearts, instead of violence and money? zhergish.wixsite.com/zherg/sin

And, more generally: Zherg.net, a paradigm framework for 21st-century Earth. zherg.net

Do you agree that Zherg1.0, Zherg2, and especially the Z3 Paradigm Framework are good models with which to build our lives? There's probably a Z4 in the works somewhere. Would you give any suggestions or recommendations with regard to paradigm frameworks or paradigm framework formulation? zherg.net

Some thoughts on why there's so little being done to bring about the prospective new technological paradigm that I like to call Graphical Online Discourse, or GOD. patreon.com/posts/invisible-28

...Folks like those at Jason Barns Landing are taking the natural, constructive steps of tending to land, building shelter, community, meals, sanitation - pillars of a sane, functional existence.
...By choosing humane, respectful cooperation with homesteaders, instead of continuing to forcibly displace them, we can participate in a real solution for our neighbors, and we can be part of a crucial shift for the world.

I'm starting a campaign for the purpose of designing and developing graphical interfaces as free, open-source software.

The many types of existing computer graphics -- simulations, games, VR/AR applications, WebGL, etc. -- let us move in virtual spaces and create virtual objects with precisely defined behavior/characteristics. Now it's time to create a meta-space through which we can potentially navigate to anywhere and perform any function. patreon.com/GraphicalOnlineDis

...simply increasing the number of people who are familiar with the fact that such a thing as the Zherg paradigm framework exists can do wonders. There will certainly be hesitation and resistance, but the inherent logic of the ideas will inevitably prevail. The ideas themselves are age-old, perennial, and profound. In order to advance them, to successfully "market" them in the current environment, it can help to package them under the rubric of a short, slightly quirky-sounding label like zherg.

Concerned at all about what's going on in the world? There is a deep and elegant strategy/solution.

Please spread the word about Zherg.net. And I mean "spread the word" literally: A big challenge at this stage is just to add "zherg" to people's vocabularies. When someone asks how you are, you can say something like, "oh, pretty zhergish," which can then lead to a short conversation about Zherg.net.

I strongly suspect that...

It's been brought to our attention that heart+infinity symbols have been used to signify polyamory. It may be worth mentioning that we were unfamiliar with this fact when we included this symbol in Z3. We're simply referring to valuing/loving everyone - an ethic that can be embraced regardless of whether one practices celibacy, monogamy, or polyamory. zherg.net

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