Z3, p.4: Making and keeping such a commitment isn't necessarily simple, but it's inherently worthwhile, regardless of how many or how few others are walking the same road. As people do it more and more, the new paradigm will become more and more of a reality. zhergish.wixsite.com/zherg/sin

Do you suspect that we can run things way more optimally than we are now? Zherg can help! zherg.net

Deja vu a few seconds ago 👽👾🤖💩💀🤡🤪😳😵🤢🤒😇👽

2020 candidate 99 is among the Cascadians who've just arrived in Salem, having walked from south Portland, to help build awareness & consensus around humane solutions for our unsheltered friends/neighbors. 99 seems to be the only candidate so far who intends to help manifest a worldwide culture of intelligence & camaraderie where the desire to have a president will have fallen away, such that he'll be able to step down & say, "the president of the united states is the people." vote99.weebly.com

Zherg? (zherg.net)

Second, the concept of digital depth is applicable to virtual spaces as well as physical spaces.

I'd emphasize 2 points related to this talk. First, I don't think Mark's passion for positive uses of technology, and the optimistic scenarios he describes, mean that he doesn't appreciate the serious dangers we're facing as a civilization. This particular talk is a survey of the technological status quo and future prospects. In other talks (some of which he references in this one), he explores more of the dangers and the negative sides of what's going on.

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