Turkish militias reportedly going house to house killing Kurdish families
Oct. 26, 2019 - 5:01 - Retired Ambassador to Yemen Gerald Feierstein breaks down the Turkish incursion of Syria.


These pages describe some of how I've been approaching the design of friendlier, more flexible interfaces - new media through which we may learn and communicate with unprecedented depth and dexterity.

Let's get more people talking & thinking in terms of zhergish solutions, zhergish alternatives, zhergish scenarios, zhergish values, etc. The Z3 Paradigm Framework at zherg.net involves taking psychosocial steps forward -- committing to living by a minimum set of fairly simple, broad, positive pillars/principles -- & it involves cooperative, moneyless ways of organizing. zherg.net

late 2017 gathering of grovers, former grovers, and other friends who helped make it happen 🍾 ⛺ 🏘️ 💜

The elusive/subtle/mysterious ways in which these phenomena manifest encourage us to
*Expand/refine our faculties
*Connect in deep/authentic ways with each other
*Entertain quirky/alternative modalities like dreams, machine-mediated experiences, & chemically mediated experiences

Advancing the narrative is more than just a matter of what we say - it also depends on advancing the media through which we communicate.

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