Four years ago the first version of the Zx paradigm framework was published. (Four additional versions were subsequently posted.) The project tried to formulate a recipe for a new paradigm with two main ingredients: a kind of unconditional positive regard for all beings, and an openness to perpetual learning or growth. Looking it over now, I still find it to be a remarkable though perhaps insufficient attempt! 💚👁️

Maybe some version of the proposal, possibly a less obvious version, could in fact work, or maybe the optimal strategies will turn out to be very different. In either case, engaging with such uncomfortable issues, given the interconnectedness of everything, can spur us to rethink and change some things in our lives, in our spheres of influence, that are due for rethinking and changing.

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Some of the absurdities and cruelties of this world can seem so disastrous, so wrong, that we may, at certain moments, seize on a proposed corrective despite its questionable wisdom or feasibility. But in so doing, we may at least call attention to the problems, and inspire deeper contemplation of strategies for solving them.

Fulfilling the latent potential of the Internet: There's a real resurgence of enthusiasm for the job of building the more transformative version of cyberspace, also known as the Metaverse, the Graphical Web, Graphical Online Discourse, etc.

Media experiences & Graphical Online Discourse: Synchronicity Podcast #2

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