The elusive/subtle/mysterious ways in which these phenomena manifest encourage us to
*Expand/refine our faculties
*Connect in deep/authentic ways with each other
*Entertain quirky/alternative modalities like dreams, machine-mediated experiences, & chemically mediated experiences

Advancing the narrative is more than just a matter of what we say - it also depends on advancing the media through which we communicate.

I'd like to discuss two contrasting points, which we've often treated as mutually exclusive alternatives, but which have some notable implications when we consider both together. 1) The presence of transcendental (mystical, paranormal, spiritual, or extradimensional) realms. An abundance of evidence and experience indicates the existence of such beings and phenomena. 2) The absence of transcendental realms. The elusiveness of these beings and phenomena is a key fact to...

I'd like to help create graphical environments (rather than largely flat, static, text-based pages) to serve as the basis of our computing/internet experience.

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