I'm looking for all sorts of REMOTE tech talent, but this week let's focus on Infrastructure + Ops.

Are you an AWS expert? Love writing terraform? Have strong opinions on observability and loging? Well, then we should talk!

I always love connecting with people over the nerd-networks I am on (Mastodon, IRC, Forums, etc.) - so even the chance to just chat with you all would be great!

Grab a slot! calendly.com/davidovmoz/moz-ch

Job postings and more info here: moz.com/about/jobs

🔄 Boost Me! 🔄

Thank you everyone for the boosts! But come on friends, I expected at least one or two of you to setup a call with me (even if it's just to chat about tech stuff for a while)!

Any takers? Whether it's job or tech related, I'd love to meet up. :-)


@funnylookinhat I avoid calls, but text based communication is cool 😀

We could chat about XMPP on XMPP lol

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