Tech no longer excites me:

My first blog post - a continuation of my recent popular toot.

Maybe I'm complaining more than I should, but tech has me feeling sad lately.

That might be partly because tech is the only "fun" thing now. I've been under strict lockdown for 550 days at this point. That's a post for another day though.

@joseph I hit that point roughly 7 years ago with consumer tech hype (i.e. ooh this new phone/computer/iDevice is soon much more powerful now, surely this will make me happy) and again with developer tech hype ~3 years ago (I.e. ooh new JS framework/programming lang/protocol is soo cool and powerful, I have to learn this!)

The trick is to stop paying attention to the hype factor and more about how and what you use the tech for. The hedonic treadmill of tech hype is unfulfilling ultimately


@joseph Instead of focusing on the new and exciting (mis)features of the newest tech, just use the simplest technology that will allow you to do something meaningful to you (e.g. communicate with loved ones, create something cool, write a new tool for yourself).

This could be email, irc, simple HTML pages, sftp for file transfer, etc. The specifics are up to you but generally you want less complex, not more.


@joseph I got to the point where I don't care about new phones anymore. Used to be really into the new phones but now I just don't care.
Kind of more excited about older phones and phones running linux / alternative software / features.

As for using older phones models I have a pixel 2 xl wich came out around the same time as the 5t. I might upgrade in the future but honestly only because there are no software updates anymore (verizon model so I can't unlock bootloader).

@joseph Otherwise I would keep my phone because it is great and is almost as fast a new phone would be.

Other tech does not excite me that much but what does excite me is linux and trying other things in a vm on my pc.
Though I am excited about new sbcs and other stuff but not really if it is about windows.

I have not tried delta chat on an ios device but I do know that it works great on my android phone and Linux desktop. Its a great messenger application that uses email.

@joseph Email is the biggest federated network on the whole internet so having it be in the format of a messenger application and secure makes it great.

As for new technology and services if I choose to use linux with some weird window manager I don't think it matters much what other people think. If other people think that I should just use windows or some other Linux distro / de I will just be like its my choice what I want to use.


@joseph If I want to use some secure service that respects my privacy instead of using something that does not I should be able to instead of being force to use something else.
For example I should not be forced to use WhatsApp if I use xmpp and I like it better. If it does not effect the person why do they care if I am on xmpp.

I will leave it here and make a blog post about this.
I did like your blog post and will be reading your future posts.

@jason123santa the concept of Delta is definitely awesome. I love that I can verify that my messages are encrypted just by checking them in my regular email app.

I'm sure the iOS bugs will be fixed eventually, but I'm not sure how to get around the issue of an hourly send rate applied by email hosts. Needing to self host email would defeat the purpose.

@joseph Yeah I can just look if its really encrypted instead of relying on the client telling me if it is.

I been using gmail for Delta chat and I never had an issue with hourly rate when I was testing it.

@jason123santa I'm glad you liked my post! Thanks for taking the time to read and discuss 😀. I look forward to seeing your post.

@joseph Yep I will make a blog post about this because I have all ready written things about this.

@jason123santa my phone also performs well but I'm not sure how big of a risk I'm taking by having outdated blobs in a custom ROM. It bothers me, but I also want to feel good about a new purchase when I decide to go ahead, so I'm a bit lost on how to proceed currently.

@joseph I don't care much about blobs and more about the outdated software.
I would have a look at the oneplus 6 or 6t. It supports custom roms and also has support for mainline linux and in the future its going to get better. Though I don't know how good it will be for you because your concerned about the outdated blobs.

New tech no longer excites me for ... uhmm .. twenty years or so. Roughly ever since I switched to Linux.

My PCs and Notebooks are on average 10 years old.
I buy refurbished computer hardware only (the exceptions are SSDs , mice and keyboards).

As for phones: this is a very difficult situation. I didn't find a reliable solution yet for keeping a smartphone for more than 2-3 years and having constant security updates.

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