Has anyone else stopped getting excited about new tech? It's just like "cool, a new thing to invade my privacy".

@joseph Yup. Not only are they constantly watching you, but you have to pay a subscription fee too. It feels like no one even sells software anymore. It's either open source, or you subscribe to it monthly.

@mike @joseph Yes, this need to ‘rent’ everything is driving me mad. Everything is a service now so that I can never get out from under constant expenditure. Great for their business model, rubbish for my peace of mind (not to mention my wallet). And THEN they still either serve me ads or monetise me further by harvesting and selling my data.

It’s like going to the doctor, paying a consultancy fee and then having to let them take a blood donation to sell for further revenue generation.

@robert @mike @joseph the other problem is that when it's software as a service they can take away features at will and there's nothing you can do about it. They can also add new "features" that are worse for you as a user and you can't keep using the older, better version.

@mike @joseph it used to be so simple "when you are not paying for a product, you are the product". Now you can be the product despite paying for a service...

A̅⇒B does not imply A⇒B̅

Samsung confirms it’s removing ads from its stock apps later this year - The Verge
It wasn't even an issue in low budget models. This was an issue in $1200 Samsung S21 Ultra, Samsung's flagship phone.

This is only one of many reasons I encourage use of Lineage OS and similar ROMs over stock ROMs. File manager doesn't freaking connect to internet to download ads. My 3 year old phone's battery felt anew after switching to Lineage OS.
@mobian @mike @joseph

@murtezayesil @mobian @mike @joseph I don't understand why they had advertising in the first place. That's ridiculous Samsung. You're supposes to be a premium brand 🤦‍♂️. It's stupid moves like this that push people to iPhone (which is far worse than Android because not only do Apple gather the same data as Google, they also lock users in, which is way worse.)

"Selling hardware is not the only way you can squeeze money" corporations realized. Xiaomi was first to do this. Their Redmi and Mi sub-branded mobile phones have 5% profit margin to account for unexpected expenses. They are selling those phones almost at a loss. Their income is almost entirely from in-app ads. After giving a good impression with good performance and low cost people kept going back to Xiaomi. It passed Samsung in marketshare.
@danielfgom @mobian @mike @joseph

Correction: Xiaomi smartphone marketshare has passed Samsung in the past but Samsung recovered. But Xiaomi is expected to pass Samsung again.

Selling hardware is earning money once. Showing ads is keep earning money.
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@mike @joseph

Not to mention the physical products with glitzy ad campaigns that default as subscriptions, when in reality they're precisely the "minimum viable" products and trying to unload them as fast as possible before anyone notices.

@joseph Yeah, I'm ready to introduce any existing #iot to Mr Trash Can. #bluetooth is a disaster & wired / tried & true is king. If only people knew what their IoT #doorbell was up to they might care.

Defemtly a lot of bparing/not sp usefull tech comming out. Then there is the privacy aspect as well.

I do see from time to time some cool stuff come out. Id say the pinephone is pretty cool and i am hopeing to here news of an ossc (open source scan converter) pro soon

@joseph before i even start thinking about privacy, i worry what perfectly good piece of tech i own has just been rendered obsolete and will have to be retired because it’s no longer compatible with the new piece of tech that will soon be everywhere, forcing you to relearn something you could already do just fine with the old tech.

@joseph I get excited about tech that is new to me, but it's usually tech that is pretty old

@joseph The exciting aspect of tech at present I see as trying to build and maintain a non-corporate space for creativity and social activities, free from advertising.

@joseph I stopped caring about 3 years ago. The only thing keeping me from moving off an iPhone is that no other Linux-based phone has as good a camera

@samir @joseph You should try Android. Its Linux based and very good. Has excellent cameras too

@joseph Yes unless it specifically allows me to leverage time at work I would rather not be bothered. There's always a catch -- more monitoring, more fees, new things to sync and update and apps to download.

Always excited but never about anything companies like Facebook, Apple or Epic Games show.


I don't get excited about much texh but there is some hardware being worked on that is more privacy friendly. It just isn't as sexy as people's gaming hardware so most don't care.

@joseph I also think about how if we put the collective energy that was devoted to unnecessary product launches and updates to solving more pressing issues how much better of a place the world would be.

@joseph Yes, except for me this is more like "cool, a new crowdfunded open smartphone/laptop/pda/watch that will be unusable and will die as soon as the campaign ends".

@joseph I feel like I've dropped techno-solutionism as a personal philosophy about 10 years ago, possibly related to Snowden's revelations. Since then no new technology has been exciting to me, including returning rocket propellers, self-driving cars, machine learning or any other AI incarnation. At the heart of the problem all of these are completely disconnected from our current issues as a species.

@joseph I was excited for my new RasberyPi, I was excited for my OnePlus I will flash with Ubuntu Touch, I am even excited for my new Microsoft surface touch I am going to install Arch on. There is still much to be excited on in the world of open source.

@joseph Haven't been excited by tech in a while. And like many here I actually work in IT. The only device that impressed me recently is the Fold 3 in blue. I can see how that form factor is appealing.

@joseph That is why we like Pinephones (and other devices) running Mobian (and other FOSS os). A bit more like a no-frills airline, but at least no golden cage.

@joseph Yes, and no.

I get excited about new elementary OS releases. I'm looking forward to seeing CRDTs or Discrete Global Grid Systems get adoption. The Pinephone & Framework looks intriguing. Jami has some neat tech.

The fediverse is the wrong audience, but normally I can sum up my feelings as "if you've heard of the tech, at the very most I don't care about!"

@joseph Depends on the kind but yeah, my default is "not again…"


Ya, the golden tech time was in year xxxx. That is why all of us still admire CRT displays, feature phones, IE11, PS3...

What a whiny 'everything was better before' thread this is.

@joseph @float13 Years ago. Except for that in which I am involved in the creation. Which is part of my new job.

Don't blame technology: surveillance and rent seeking are business decisions.

@joseph y’all are too cynical. That’s coming from a life long pessimist.

@joseph expecially with Laptops, I am surprized how there's little to non advantages you got in the last 10 years. 10 years ago my thinkpad x230 had 16GB RAM 1TB SSD and 4 vCores. That seems to be the standard till now. The only "Advantages" since than is that modern Laptops are thinner (but more likely to break) less connectors and more battery live (bit not exchangable). There's no reason for me to upgrade from my Thinkpad x230...

@joseph IA is impressing me for all the wrong reasons, but what actually impresses me the most right now is how underpowered 16 bit game consoles were and how impressive the graphics looked on a CRT tv.

Tech has gone down the degenerate path, my Raspberry chokes whenever i use chromium.

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