What is your favorite site in your RSS reader?

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@kev or @mike blog. I love reading those, esspeialy when traveling

@kev @Twelve @joseph @mike Actually it's the feed of the recent changes in Lesswrong Wiki

@joseph I'd say hackaday, though I have moved away from RSS to Apple News, because the signal to noise ratio of the feeds I use to have was pretty low. I'm happier with a somewhat curated news feed. && &&

You asked for one. I give you three πŸ™ƒ

@joseph It's actually called web feed reader. :)

A web reader client can use both RSS, Atom and JSON-feeds (which is less common than the two first ones which uses XML).

I guess "RSS reader" comes from the dominance of RSS in the past, kinda like how most "google" to find information on the web.

@redstarfish so I attempted to browse this site, and I don’t really know what I’m looking at haha


Well, it's Dr. Richard Stallman's personal site. He is the father of Free software movement, founder of Free Software Foundation(FSF) and currently chief of GNU Project. He also created the GNU system, which runs (slightly modified) in millions of computers and known as "Linux".
But he's most popular for GNU Emacs, GNU Compiler Collections(GCC) and GNU Debugger(GDB).

This site is mainly for his daily political notes and political commentary.
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