Do you backup your email? If so, how and how often?

@ataraxia937 That's interesting. I think my archive is very important. It's useful if someone / a company tries to screw you - "You said *this* on March 19, 2011 though..."

@ataraxia937 me too.

@joseph I used to back it up. What I did was setup a Gmail account and have all incomming mail auto-forward to it. Then set my client to automatically BCC the Gmail address in all mail I send.

I then setup rules to sort the sent mail into the right folder and mark everything as read.

Worked well, but I don't bother any more as I never actually needed to use it. Anything I delete is in Trash for 30 days, that's enough.

@joseph Yes, at the office we all use thunderbird, the data folder is backed up once a week to a backup server

@joseph Yes, all of them since the very first email I ever sent or received (minus spam, of course). I'm doing POP3S to my 24/7 based homeserver. I can access mail from everywhere using SSH and mutt. Backups via rsync to one or two other Linux boxes or external disks.

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