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Joseph DeFazio :opensource: @joseph

LineageOS hates me. I haven't been able to install the past 3 updates. They install and then my phone won't boot, and I have to flash the last working update again.

@joseph nexus or pixel? you might need to update your vendor and bootloader

@mattmcnutt OnePlus 5T. Do you know how to update the vendor and bootloader?

@joseph not sure about the oneplus, on a nexus you pull it out of the monthly factory image from google and flash it on with fastboot

@mattmcnutt Thanks, I'll see if I can find anything about doing it on my phone. :)

@joseph it may not be the issue, but when I had issues with Lineage on my nexus, it was almost always one of those

@mattmcnutt I found this firmware update for my phone which was released on the same date as the update that won't install. This might be the issue :D.

Figured it out. It wasn't the firmware. I had to uninstall Magisk before installing the LineageOS update.

Err... reinstalling Magisk after the update broke it again. Guess I can't use Magisk.

LineageOS with Magisk finally working. I had to flash a different kernel on my phone to get it working with the latest LineageOS.

@joseph rom doesn’t include the kernel these days?

@joseph oooh different. To work with Magisk.

Whatever that is.
*opens browser to Goo- DuckDuckGo*