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Hi, I'm Joseph. I'm 25 years old, a owner; , , married, have 2 kids & a dog, & living in the .

I'm a user that enjoys & deploying alternatives to popular services - my latest being .

I came to PH for vacation & ended up not wanting to leave after doing work with . Now I help kids living in poverty & my wife & I are trying to adopt one - an 11 year old girl named Rian.

What Linux distro would you recommend for kids? I'm planning to repurpose my old laptops for my kids.

Now that is shutting down, what’s your preferred instance?

Day 73 of the Series:

Courts in this case have made a frankly stupid decision. My response.

Still not feeling well. Took the rest of the week off of work and I’m trying to destress - avoiding COVID news and stuff. It seems like Fosstodon is the safest place to read things currently.

Did you know most file managers on Linux support a ".hidden" file in your home directory?

It works pretty much as gitignore does: it hides everything that you list in this file, one file/dir per line.

I’ve been using for a day. 

I dislike the navigation bar. There’s no button in the center. The toot button doesn’t look like a button, it looks like it’s for accessing another section.

The circle button / dial for the local timeline is a weird setup for just 1 instance. I think it would make sense if you had several though. I don’t.

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I’ve been using for a day. 

The way threads are displayed is great. It’s very easy to click a random reply I see in my feed and get the full context.

I can compose multiple toots at the same time, for longer posts, like this one.

Return key is moved to the number section of the keyboard.

I can’t hide boosts from the home feed.

Found one URL that's working for sorting.


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I liked the idea of having Reddit in my RSS reader, but it's really too much low-quality content. I can't find any way to set an upvote requirement for subreddit feeds.

I decided to go with the Trust Wallet app instead of a hardware wallet. I need to be able to trust that I can replace my wallet if it breaks, and with two dead on arrival Ledgers, I’m not sure how possible that’ll be in the Philippines.

I’m a bit more comfortable with an app wallet now that I’m on iOS. Hopefully my doesn’t disappear haha.

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I like the Mastodon PWA but I wish I got notifications.

I’ve been using FreshRSS for a while and I no longer miss the advanced filters I had set up in Tiny Tiny RSS. I mainly used them for filtering out all the world news I wasn’t interested in, but now I’ve just reduced my news sources instead, and read less world news in general.

What is your favorite site in your RSS reader?

Let’s make me Fosstodon-famous. 1000 followers, please.

so my building has been disinfecting all my deliveries, and I've also been disinfecting all my deliveries. Thinking my symptoms might be irritation from mixing disinfectants now.

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I haven’t been outside in months, everything that gets delivered gets disinfected, and somehow I’m sick. In isolation now.

There’s several confirmed COVID cases in my building so I’m a bit nervous.

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