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Hi, I'm Joseph. I'm 25 years old, a owner; , , married, have 2 kids & a dog, & living in the .

I'm a user that enjoys & deploying alternatives to popular services - my latest being .

I came to PH for vacation & ended up not wanting to leave after doing work with . Now I help kids living in poverty & my wife & I are trying to adopt one - an 11 year old girl named Rian.

Vorta keeps randomly saying "Borg binary not found", and then I have to restart it to fix it. No more automated backups for me :(.

Anyone with a lot of netdata experience feel like helping me with it? I need to set it up on multiple servers but keep the web UI password protected and / or only displayed at 1 URL for all the servers. Not sure how to do it.

I need a Single Sign On solution that's free or has 1 fee rather than a per person fee, and is easy to use. Any suggestions?

I just put silicone no-tie shoe laces on my sneakers. This is the future - maybe.

What's the simplest way to redact text in a PDF?

Dedicated IP on a VPN doesn't help me with PayPal. I can only withdraw to my old bank. New bank keeps getting flagged.

@hugo actually maybe if it's a dedicated IP, PayPal won't detect it as belonging to a VPN. Maybe they base it on logins from the same IP rather than the organization associated with the IP. I'll give it a shot in the morning.

This goes back to my PayPal issues. Still getting flagged every time I try to withdraw and now can't withdraw even after talking to support. Support tells me to go back to the US or give my password to a friend and have them withdraw for me. Pro security.

I need a VPN with a residential NY IP address. It shouldn't show as belonging to a data center. Any recommendations?

Giving Wavebox a try as my all-in-one messenger. Not sure how I feel about spending $4/mo for a browser though.

I've been trying to withdraw from PayPal for over a week and it keeps getting blocked. Support says to try again on Monday. If I needed that money immediately I'd be completely screwed.

Getting a lot of responses that require access to 1 of my devices. I do sync between my devices, but if I need to suddenly evacuate, I might not be able to grab my devices before I leave. I'd then lose access to everything, including bank accounts.

Struggling to think of a good way to keep backups of my KeePass database. All my passwords, including the password for off-site backups, are randomly generated and stored in KeePass, so currently without my KeePass database, I can't restore a backup of my KeePass database.

I could create a Google account with an easy-to-remember password and store it on Drive, but I also don't want it stored on Google drive, so meh.

Power bank by Tomo, cells by LG, bracelet by Rian (daughter).

This is now the most expensive power bank I've owned at around $22 with cells. At least it has a cool screen and I can replace the cells when needed.

Tried to pull cells out of a laptop battery to use with my Tomo M4, but the cells were glued in there and I didn't want to risk them going boom from trying to pry them out, so I just tossed it. Time to order cells.

Wow I've been part of Fosstodon for over a year

Just found out about Matterhorn, a Mattermost terminal client. I think it's interesting that it exists, but I'm wondering what is leading devs to create a CLI for everything. I don't think I'd have a legitimate use for it, but I might install it to play around with it a bit.

What are your most common uses for Android split screen?

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