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Hi, I'm Joseph. I'm 25 years old, a owner; , , married, have 2 kids & a dog, & living in the .

I'm a user that enjoys & deploying alternatives to popular services - my latest being .

I came to PH for vacation & ended up not wanting to leave after doing work with . Now I help kids living in poverty & my wife & I are trying to adopt one - an 11 year old girl named Rian.

Giving pCloud a shot as my Nextcloud alternative now. If it works out, $30 for a year was definitely a good deal. So far I'm liking that it can download from Google Photos directly.

2TB for 1 year with pCloud for $29.99. Sale ends in a few hours. Still trying to decide if I want to get it.

Just ordered a load balancing router. I'm not 100% sure what my setup will be like, but I'm thinking that I might:

1. Get a regular router to repeat a neighbor's network or get a secondary plan if I can't convince anyone to share their password.

2. Connect that to the load balancer along with my own connection.

3. Connect a 4G LTE router to the load balancer.

4. Use the two regular networks together and the 4G as backup.

Anyone know of an alternative to with a better photo gallery? Something that makes it very easy to browse photos without organizing them into folders?

FOSS Experts, please help! 🙂
I have a free software project that runs entirely in the browser. I chose the AGPL 3 for this project, even though I don't know if it will ever contain server side code. Maybe it will some day, I don't know yet. Is that the right license, or do I need a different one?

Thanks bank app! Magisk Hide doesn't fix it either. ☹️

@joseph You can put block-level content inside a marquee?! It's probably for the best that I didn't know about this sooner, or everything I touched would probably look like this

Trying to plan out how I want to replace Nextcloud sync with Resilio for my photos for reliability.

I think the easiest option is to just set the Resilio synced folder as the Photos folder, and just separate images as Android does, like one folder for all photos and videos, one folder for screenshots, etc.

It just won't be very pretty to browse that way. I wish Nextcloud added dividers for years automatically, to make browsing easier.

users, be honest, how often do you need to add !g to your search?

Shit! Which exact shade of red is my favorite again??

#funny #ui #ux #design

I hate when public Wi-Fi has a time limit based on your phone number.

I just realized that when I installed LineageOS on my phone, I never installed a Twitter app. I guess Mastodon has fully replaced it for me.

I've been using KISS launcher for a few hours and I like it, except for that there's no way for me to add shortcuts from Hermit into it, and I use a lot of sites in Hermit.

Looks like the Yalp store issue has been confirmed:

At least now I can stop trying to figure out why it isn't working.

Is Yalp store broken for anyone else? It keeps telling me "no network connection" today.

Also, favorite alternative?

Wish someone would organize my home screen icons for me. So messy 😮

android app keeps saying "SSL initialization failed" during upload. Changing the SSL Cypher got it to work sometimes, but this error still appears sometimes. Any ideas?

I'm about to watch Deadpool 2. Wooo! 😀😀😀

Finally have all my emails transferred away from Gmail and organized in a new folder structure. I also got all my filters set up on my new service. Feels good.