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Hi, I'm Joseph. I'm 25 years old, a owner; , , married, have 2 kids & a dog, & living in the .

I'm a user that enjoys & deploying alternatives to popular services - my latest being .

I came to PH for vacation & ended up not wanting to leave after doing work with . Now I help kids living in poverty & my wife & I are trying to adopt one - an 11 year old girl named Rian.

Ordered dust masks from several sellers. Now time to see which gets here first :D. We already have some N95 masks, but we need extra for when the kids break the straps. I also ordered some in kid sizes because the adult ones don't have a nice seal on my kids. Never thought I'd spend like $65 on dust masks before.

What's the best way to listen to music that isn't YouTube? I don't have an optical drive, or a bay to install one in my case, or room on my desk for a USB one.

Volcanic ash. It doesn't feel like you'd expect it to feel, and it makes you itchy.

It's raining ash here now. Might have to evacuate.

I bought the thinnest phone case I could find and now it feels like I have a new phone.

Termux Questions 

Termux Questions 

I had to screen-share with Zoho support today for 30min because it wouldn't allow me to delete or unarchive email. They said it's a bug on their end and they'll email me when it's fixed. 😞

After all that time, 9 of my emails couldn't be transferred to Zoho because their attachments are too large :(.

Zoho mail initial impressions 

Zoho mail initial impressions 

Zoho mail initial impressions 

Zoho mail initial impressions 

Giving Zoho mail a try and wishing my mailbox wasn't so large. Zoho throttles imap speed and an imapsync I was expecting to take 1-2 hours will take 12+.

Do you backup your email? If so, how and how often?

> We have computed the very first chosen-prefix collision for SHA-1. In a nutshell, this means a complete and practical break of the SHA-1 hash function, with dangerous practical implications if you are still using this hash function. To put it in another way: all attacks that are practical on MD5 are now also practical on SHA-1. Check our paper here for more details.

People self hosting several services on the same server, without yunohost, are you using containers?

I really hate when Tiny Tiny RSS logs me out in the middle of watching a video within it. Then I need to log back in, change my view settings to see "read" items, find the video again, open it, and find my position in it again, and then edit my view settings back to adaptive.

Is there a desktop email client that doesn't suck, doesn't have a UI from 2005, and doesn't have a monthly fee?

Apparently my FairEmail is broken. It has 1600 fetch operations pending.

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