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I love this. The title looks cautionary, but read how it ends: "You're not a clueless dog banging at the keyboard with no prospects of ever improving. You're a human of tremendous capacity to become good at what you do. Embrace that."

@edboythinks concatenating empty variables? Accessing `/` seems sus.

@batvin3211 detecting when someone has approached, maybe?

@fabianbonetti que la vacuna no es la causa de la condición de su hijo. Mas de 7mil millones de dosis aplicadas mundialmente y este joven de 17 años es el único que padece de este síndrome neurológico? Es increíble que sea a causa de la vacuna. Coincidencia no es causa. Infórmese con su doctor, no via TikTok.

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If the US stopped criminalizing marijuana at the federal level, I'd apply for a job in cyber security with a federal agency.

@kev I haven't studied it, but my hypothesis is that steam gets built up somehow and disturbing it unleashes it's first-degree-burn fury.

@jordan31 they're mostly all free software, so you can compile and run them yourself.

@alexbuzzbee I remember you can use the hills/valleys of your knuckles. ^u^u^u^ ^u^u^u^
Start from the leftmost knuckle (^): Jan(^ = 31), Feb (u = not 31), March (^), etc. They basically just alternate except July & August both have 31.

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*makes major code change*
*tests first time*
Wow, it worked!

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heh: "I’m begging everyone who thinks a software license can delineate when something is or isn’t being used for a bad purpose to read a single book on ethics."

@hierarchon Indeed. "Freedom" in FOSS means "freedom to do bad things" (so long as you don't deprive others of the same freedom).

From Tom Servo:
Listen up! @JoelGHodgson just revealed the BONUS CHALLENGES for the Kickstarter. To unlock FREE BONUS REWARDS, we need to reach 18,500 backers before Weds, April 20. Pledge now – even $1 helps! – at

Check out the easy-to-learn color-matching card game Fyra by my good friend Willy Yonkers on Kickstarter

@nebunez That's basically an "enfrijolada" which is like an "enchilada" but instead of "chile" you use "frijol"

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Any recommendation for a FOSS like google docs? like live edition, version controls, etc.

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