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Wow, 1GB update on my Debian laptop..I must not have upgraded in a couple months.

Given google photos unlimited storage is phasing out next year I need to start thinking about alternatives. This is good oportunity to go with self-hosted solution.
The only critical requirement is photo/video backup from family phones (iPhone, Android).
what is out there? Preferably .

Also, I have no intention to make it available from public Internet, just from LAN.

I'm happy to announce version 0.2 of my server stargazer! Now with CGI, streaming support, and other fixes.

Friend of mine needs to get an FTP server of some sort running quickly. He isnt very familiar with running something like this but needs it to send files to a radio station. Any suggestions for a hosted solution? Something cheap. Shouldn't need a ton of space, a few GB would be plenty. Boosts appreciated.

When will a real, competitive alternative to Android or iPhone arrive on the market?

Another question, if your server(s) (handling workloads for a small-ish company/remote workers) is hanging around 20-30% overall usage, wouldnt you think that is a little low?

Especially if most of the employees compain of the server being "slow" and other issues.

To be clear, I'm not an IT guy, but I would be curious what is causing the issues instead of just saying "server isn't stressed".

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Hey SysAdmins, how do you gals and guys deal with the 100% hdd usgage bug in Windows10?

These people took the floppy controller used in the BBC Micro, an Intel 8271, and set about finding out how it worked. In the course of that, they discovered it's actually a dual core processor, with over 3x the transistor count of a 6502.

Then they dumped the ROM by visual inspection of the micrographs of a decapped 8271, and reverse engineered the instruction set, with a full disassembly available.

h a r d c o r e

Today's lesson, removing supports from a print.

After today I will start using different supports than the standard settings in Cura...

I've got a number of containers running different things internally (test blogs, todo lists, etc)
Some of them I want exposed to the world. Some I want accessible from inside my network (house) or over the VPN.

What's the easiest way to setup locally resolvable names that only work internally?

And what names are safe to use.

I've lost track but I think .local and .lan aren't safe to use anymore?

馃摚 prism v0.1.0

An RTMP stream re-caster / splitter:

Handles incoming RTMP streams (like from OBS) and re-casts them to multiple services, like Owncast, Twitch, or YouTube.

Packages and binaries for pretty much all platforms, here:

Going live with some tabletop simulator tonight! I gathered some friends to join me for this one 馃槂

FYI If you want to find Twitch Streams without viewers, there's

It's mostly good to find obscure streamers, but also odd ones once in a while

I came across an actual cactus on a desk somewhere

My desk is shaking and monitors are wobbly. I'm starting to think having the 3d printer on my desk was not the best idea...

Wranglerstar on youtube is addictive. An American Homestead is as well.

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