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Conquering my last overtly trackable use of a Google property today. I stopped using Google search, gmail, documents, fonts, analytics, and today, no more logging into Youtube.
Instead, using the xml feeds from channels directly as an RSS index, i can subscribe in newsboat, and stream through a VPN using youtube-dl. Additionally, I can use straw-viewer on the commandline (or duckduckgo) to search the video database anonymously, and stream using the same mechanism. Plus, it looks cool. ๐Ÿ†’๐Ÿ˜Ž

Looking for suggestions on a media server software/dlna. Jellyfin is giving me issues. I've tried emby before but hoping to fins a Foss replacement.

It's safe to say Jellyfin is slightly more garbage than Emby when it comes to the init scanning of libraries. A github comment states they have not touched that part of the code since the fork from Emby.

I'm tempted to either go back to Emby or just use Plex.

Alrighty, Jellyfin is installed and scanning my dir for shows and building that database. So far it's just like Emby except for the logos.

I found the new console I'm going to buy for Christmas, Atari VCS.

If you're curious about the specs and how it works check out

This is a console done right IMO!

This school from home is quickly getting old. A 7yo, 6yo, and a 5yo. I'm about to go nuts.

Also, you can chat via IRC, connect to: standard port 6667 or w/e it is.

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Live over at!

Amazingly boring stuff, setting up fresh install of Debian on the NAS.

So, a while back I re-flashed my OnePlus One with the new LineageOS 17.X version. It went really well, besides me trying to install the wrong GApps 3 times in a row. It's nice to have the phone receiving updates again and some of the slowness from before (16 version) is now gone. Awesome!

Now I should stop being lazy and actually finish customizing it.

If you're interested in a late night stream feel free to check it out.

Attempting to figure out my Emby problems and chatting with a friend.

I took almost a month away from all social media. it was nice. 10/10 would do again.

So, it's almost impossible to install Linux alongside Windows10 now? And, to use Ubuntu sub system you are required to use Hello Windows security... Are the days of dual booting over? Does it really have to be this difficult? It's becoming harder to install and use the tools then to actually build your solutions...

I just installed a fresh copy of Windows 10...No wonder the suicide rate is so high now days...

I'm tempted to buy a ryzen 5 and a 570 GPU... But not sure how well it would play newer titles.

The pinecone says "knock knock!" as is flies into my front door.

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