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@lunduke no idea if you even check this, seeing as you are not a big fan of mastodon. But is there another way, perhaps email, to reach out to you?

Oh, did you know I have an IRC on blogtastic? I completely forgot!

Sooo, it seems it's not so simple for this newb to setup email addresses. and going to separate protonmail accounts. :/

Got to figure this out.

us pol hearings 

Nevermind, the hearings have gone to crap. It's so divided, one calls for less censorship while the other side calls for more. This won't go anywhere.

Oops, since I'm setting up two (2) email address with this domain, I think I'll have to create a subdomain and change the records again. :/

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Alrighty, bought domain, setup the DNS records, and I should be ready to send email shortly with my new domain and Protonmail. It was fairly painless.

Oh man I'm loving this. They are asking some good questions. Going to rewatch it after its over.

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Whoa, who ever accused the companies in intervening with electron has got my attention.

I think I may have to watch this hearing ppl are talking about. I'm clueless as to what is going on.

I have a strong urge to wipe and reinstall Debian along with an updated version of . Pretty sure I compiled sway, so maybe this time I'll try the repo version.

Any users have any suggestions for me or staying up to date?

New laptop battery came in. Finally. Maybe now I can go back to using my laptop more. Really hate being tethered to an electrical outlet.

Checking out Expandrive and Rclone to mount my One drive storage. Really want to be able to access my school stuff from my Linux laptop and via command line.

I've seen more talk about indie web lately. Maybe I should actually read up on it.

I'm curious and honestly don't know the answer.

Fosstodon, can I have subdomains point to different servers or services?

Eg. --> home server, --> protonmail

I'd appreciate the guidance on this.

Ugh I'm terrible at choosing names and that includes domain names... I got around 3 or 4 I can't choose between. But I don't want to buy them all just to satisfy my indecisiveness.

@lunduke didnt IBM also help the US during WW2? Also the Roman church also helped higher ranked Nazi officers escape (not really meaning to).

Lastly, wasn't IBM one of the companies that built a encryption device that had a flaw that only a few countries knew about and used for spying?

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