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Just used dd for the first time. Why have I been avoiding that for many years...

Thanks to @kev I decided to use my nas properly and to script my installs for a fresh laptop/desktop and my server. Makes me a little happy now I can run only 2 scripts and watch as it does the work for me.

Ok, turns out I accidently deleted the .config Dir. So all things seem good now. Though, I thank everyone for the suggestions, cause I'm still thinking of distro hoping.

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Ok, new distro time. Anyone recommend one, or maybe a de. Though not KDE. I don't want to spend all day making it look nice.

Elementary and pantheon is crapping out on me. Stopping me from working. Time to nuke it and move to something that gets out of the way.

Though I'll miss the very pretty pantheon.

Why am I having so much problems trying to mount a smb share in elementary :(

Here's a screenshot of my Dell 6410 running Parrot OS... Folding at my home... Took 10 mins or less to setup. Join our team !!

Fresh Debian install keeps mucking up its $PATH. Sbin isn't there after a reboot, not sure what I've done. :blobthinkingeyes:

Mean bean java, shakira music video, and bash script. Is this what heaven looks like?

DLNA servers?

Is it crazy for me to still like Visual Studio 2010? Kind of want to reinstall it and disable updates.

PSA: If you regularly eat out, or think you cannot cook, I have easy to follow, easy to make recipes here:

BEFORE you get quarantined, think about what ingredients you need, and remember, fruit and veg doesn't keep indefinitely you need to actually use it or preserve it (dried, bottled, stewed and frozen, etc).

#food #prep #COVID19

I am loving Cordless (Discord CLI client), big thanks to the creator. Though wish they would distribute it through Flatpak instead of snap.

Ok, so I found wikipedia2text, which seems awesome, and installed it. So far I'm thinking this wil fulfill my wikipedia needs. Would be cool if I could have an offline version though, maybe a lite version. I'll still look into that option.

Also, I'm currently installing Battle for Wesnoth and Runescape from Flathub. This excites me.

I'm really wanting an offline version of Wikipedia, but, that would be too much to download. Maybe I can find a cli version for it.

I see something about Mastodon instances in my access logs, whats with that?

Not sure why, but I'm interested in these sort of videos today.

12 Alternative Operating Systems You Can Use In 2020 - YouTube

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