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I'm kind of wanting to watch a documentary or Expanse. Or that other really good space show that I can't remember right now.

Hope everyone has a good Monday. My week started yesterday, so far, not terrible.

What do you use a VPN for Fosstodon and Fediverse?

Gitolite is kicking my butt with these access and read errors. Think I'll take a break and look at IRC servers.

Well I tried setting up Gitolite, but sadly I keep getting permission errors. Sigh, guess I'm going to read through the docs again to see what I'm missing.

Since I didnt get to write the post today figured I'd boost this one from yesterday.

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Back to ring making today. Forged this one from a piece of 2mm thick stainless steel flat bar. I left some of the scale and hammer marks in for decoration.

#blacksmith #ring #jewellery

Apt's error message, "You have held broken packages", is so horrible. Why are you accusing _me_ of having held broken packages, when _you_'re the one who got yourself into a broken state?

In my experience, most apt systems eventually end up with "having held broken packages", but no, apt always blames the user.

Hmm kind of looks like htop is reporting 1GB less of RAM..

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Does anyone have any suggestions for IRC server software?

Looking to self host one but I have no clue on any decent ones that are still maintained.

What do you use a VPN for Fosstodon and Fediverse?

I like it when repos contains install instructions and manuals instead of online only. Such as in a pretty fancy site strictly for that, like a wiki.

Should I admit I sometimes put stuff in /use/local/* and /opt?

Ok so, my tools are outdated... So I need to:

Compile Go?
Compile Nodejs?
Slam my head into the door repeatedly?

Oh well I can do that tomorrow. I got to get some sleep before work.

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