@cooper @Matter just received a bunch of text today haha. I guess that was back log. Anyways still plan on fresh install of the new base. I'll post back how it works once I'm done if you want.

I just installed a fresh copy of Windows 10...No wonder the suicide rate is so high now days...

@Matter my phone has stopped receiving texts. So I figured I would give it a try this evening. Hoping it all goes well.

I'm tempted to buy a ryzen 5 and a 570 GPU... But not sure how well it would play newer titles.

@jb honestly I wouldn't worry about it too much. Things are getting weird every where and if you wanted to stay away from such stuff you would pretty much have to be a Amish hermit on a deserted island.

Though I am curious about the situation.

@phase1geo actual pinecone lol. The hurricane liked throwing them at my house.

@blueberry nope. You will have to create your own and follow each server. But that won't last long. Others will block you because you are not blocking the bad instances.

The pinecone says "knock knock!" as is flies into my front door.

@IanDuncanT neither. Though throws different error if I run as sudo or root.

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