Wow! The prices on Amazon are crazy, even for some small devices like the Pi Zero...I might have to rely on forums or Mastodon to find a decent price for some of these small devices.

@Steinar @kennetmattfolk

Sometimes you have to learn the hard way lol. Actually, I want the experience and to learn how it's done. I might still keep my main email account.

@kennetmattfolk That's how I feel. But without buying a new pi or SBC for every service I run I'm forced to make the software share a device.

@john Just ask yourself at the end of the day, do you feel like your government is going to kill you or harm you because you gave a response to the census?

@john Which could be a reason to fill it out. I fail to see how this is actually bad.

@john Seems I missed an entire reply from you, so it's making sense now.

@john I'm not following your thought here. Also, we are comparing government to government, not military to government.

I'm curious, should I run my email server on the same device as my Git, Jitsi, and torrent server?

@john I don't believe there are tremendous consequences from the census. I'm not saying there couldn't be, such as this info being used against you by a truly evil dictatorship of a government. But it can be boiled down to if you think your government is worse than the CCP. If not, this program gathering this info really doesn't harm or pose a threat to anyone.

@john It isn't about ethics, but about counting all the people and logging their race within a city in order to see their population and diversity of people. This data can be used for many things from federal to a state level, or even just for us to see listed on wikipedia.

Yes, this depends on where you live, I have no clue about other countries other than USA, this is required by law, even if we don't like it.

@weirdunix now im curious what the deferences are between hurd and linux

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@ataraxia937 apt works great for my needs. i really dont care for the sandboxed stuff on everything.

Does anyone have any suggestions for video chat on android?

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