I reverse engineered the network protocol for a Atem Mini video mixer and made a gnome application to control it :)


I am uncomfortably fascinated by collapseos.org/. I'm so happy FORTH is starting to make a resurgence...

@wesley I wouldtey to find a guide for what ever server software you are running. Also DMZ or another router or vlan can create you a separate network.
Biggest thing is, have fun and experiment with caution.

@xerz shame they didn't ban tictok. But oh well. The US would have a harder time banning access to an app compared to Iran or China, but its all still possible and legal. They still have to go through their idea of a process but its normally not a big deal to do that.

He did ban ticktok and yes countries can do this legally. But I find it funny that they complain about an app . its not about the app its about having control. Other wise one could say the same about cash, or TV screens, blue jeans, and even the internet. Even if we nuked out selves back to the stone age these type of issues will still exist. There is only so much you can do before you cross a line and restrict everyone on everything all in the name of friendliness.

@xerz I find this funny and slightly silly. If they want it gone then they can block the app in their country.

Started to think about setting up a Home server, but honestly I'm completely lost.

Do you know any good guides or any tips on the subject? Can I repurpose an old laptop or should I buy a new one?

@metalune in the US a kid can legally work while in highschool/underage with a written permission from the parents. Though I think the job has to consent as well. Though many won't now days because of liability laws. As others stated if you want you could always find odd jobs in the general labor field.

My gaming handhelds, 3/3 

@kelbot I've wondered when a device would be able to play ps1 games besides the official devices. There were some great titles that I'd like to play again one day.

@Tay0 not yet. I have the hotend tore apart right now waiting on new fans and a couple other parts before I print again. Hopefully soon though.

Awesome Masculinity, Computers, & You.

This was originally released as an exclusive perk for Lunduke.Locals.com subscribers. But the topic is incredibly important.

So it's now free for everyone.

Watch it for free on Odysee:

@Tay0 I took your advice and picked some up. Going to find a cheap mirror to use as new bed.

@Tay0 I saw a video of someone recommending this. I'm thinking of giving it a try.

We're looking for a Snap developer willing to contribute to Akira. Do you want to help us bring Akira everywhere via the Snap Store? Join us if you have some spare time and you're interested in contributing.

re: Request for donation solution recommendations (KoFi, buyMeACoffee, Paypal, Liberapay, etc) 

@FiXato I could be slightly wrong on the name of the software but the author is Drew Devault. You can find the srource on his got repo, sr.ht

Request for donation solution recommendations (KoFi, buyMeACoffee, Paypal, Liberapay, etc) 

@FiXato There isn't a lot of options as far as FOSS goes. There is FOSSpay by Drew Devault but it uses Stripe for the payment processing, which is the same for so many of the programs. They are just pretty bows put on the same backend crap.

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