@donteaford yes they download, which can be a pro or con depending on preference. But you can use the site, which streams the video instead of downloading it.

@wesley no I haven't, but that sounds good. I still have some milk chocolate chips left, maybe I'll try that.

@jfred @lordbowlich @cypnk prob not, most just want to use a computer for trivial tasks and not worry about anything else

@ernmander was wondering if crotch shots were a thing now days lol.

Still have yet to experience an old fashion shave with a straight edge.

Good morning Fosstodon!

Just a FYI: Jet is such a damn good band.

@lopeztel good luck. I had trouble compiling software on a pi simply due to lack of RAM.

Do any projects out there use GNU Taler as a payment system as opposed to say Stripe et al.?


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