Lineage OS is nice, but I'm constantly trying to swipe the screen as if it's .

The swipe for navigation is really nice and honestly one of the big key features in Ubuntu Touch. More mobile OS should take a lesson.

So turns out I'm running CyanogenMod. Which is pretty cool and I'm really liking it. Too bad it's discontinued. :/

Maybe I'll flash Lineage to it and give it a try, while keeping on myNexus5.

Oh man im struggling today. I got the OnePlus One in the mail and it comes with Android 6? Which brings back memories of smooth operation of apps and fufils my needs. I know there is LineageOS, but Im not sure if you can install things like Discord, etc.

The convenience of Android and all the apps is really tugging at me. Im trying to stay strong with .

The edge channel on is unreal. It's like a whole different OS or experience.

Maybe one day will step away from Chromium and use another or build their own browser from scratch. Personally I think there are good options to choose from already, that they can customize for the mobile OS.

Really wish could have a @protonmail application for . Wouldn't mind a Discord one as well.

Wonder if Protonmail will work with a 3rd party email client.

Anyone running new phone models (some that arnt listed as supported) with UT and having a good experience?

Well I took my phone apart and dried and put it back together. It's a no go. Seems the screen is fried.

Guess I'll be needing another phone.
If anyone has one or know of models that work with let me know. I wouldn't mind something a little newer than a OnePlus One.

Off to a good start this morning.
I dropped my phone in the toilet.


My @ubports experience with Ubuntu Touch and a OnePlus One. It's amazing to finally be Google free, at least I think I am... -Source


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