Since @Gina asked for it.

My first attempt at a oatmeal chocolate chip cookie. Turned out pretty good and was kid approved. Also, the ole ladie's coworkers want me to bake them some. Apparently my wife took some to her job and it was a hit.

The second picture is my blackberry cobbler, which is always an awesome choice.

My Linux desktop currently.

Tried using Toot upload command, but seems it didn't work. Had to log into GUI to post this :/

@piggo if I bake it today I'll def post pics of the result. But this is the recipe, pretty simple and quick I think.

One batch of oatmeal raisin cookies are done. Sugar cookies are done as well and the cornbread is in the oven. Next would be the banana bread.

Hmm, this seems, different...

Not entirely sure I can back or use a platform with a CoC such as this.

I have to say the Raspberry Pi 3 B+ works pretty well as a low powered desktop. I'm enjoying using it.

But I'm still thinking of buying a Raspberry Pi 4 with either 2 or 4GB of ram, that would be an improvement I imagine.

Side note, I still want to try another distro besides Raspbian, maybe like Mate. Though Raspbian is pretty solid.

Well almost done, just got a few more devices to setup or figure out what to do with. Especially the firebox. On the other hand I'm thinking of ordering a pi zero and pi zero w.

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