so anyone have a clue what causes this error on a fresh install of Debian and sway from Debian repo?

Um, what!?! No! Ubuntu this is my device, I'm in control, you do as I tell you!

Seriously about to dd Debian instead.

Ok people, I've got fried chicken breasts with apple chunks along side it. I'm also trying 3 different rubs on the chicken. Mrs dash, brown sugar, and old bay. Hopefully my picky kids will like one of them.

Flax seed oil is still doing awesome. Along with my new metal spatula.

This tablet sucks with photos. But trying my freshly seasoned pans with some bacon.

It's starting to look a little better. Just need to finish adding my wifi info to the swaybar/topbar.

It's not pretty but it's functional.

I'm debating if I want to compile from scratch to get the new improvements. Currently I'm on 1.4.

If you want to support a free and openly sharing of basic knowelege, KhanAcademy is a good one to support. Also, Wikipedia wouldn't be too bad either.

If you are looking for some podcasts here are the ones I listen to daily. Ignore the math and fringe ones, those are dead or boring, I'm just too lazy to remove them.

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