Oh yeah much better now. Thanks to all who helped and gave tips or advice!

Well he looks good minus the brain. Bottom cupped and made it come loose from the bed. Oh well it is October, I guess he can be a brainless dog.

Not great shots but it shows the layer problems. Not sure what is causing this. My only idea is that maybe I bought too cheap of filament. And maybe there is some feeder problems like too much resistance from the spool not rolling well?

May not be perfect but its better and now mostly sticking. Seems the left side of the bed needs adjusting.

When the small screw head is rounded out but you have a soldering iron.

Test print was successful last night. I think it did pretty well but I think I'll level the bed just a bit more.

It arrived, yay! Can't wait to put it together. Though I still need to buy a spool of filament.

The pi zero running a Gemini server. Am I doing it right?

I figured this is how all at home hosting looks like lol.

This is the sexiest thing I've seen all night!
Maybe no content but hey, it's live!

My new toy arrived. Not sure if this will be a goher/Gemini server or a camera.

so anyone have a clue what causes this error on a fresh install of Debian and sway from Debian repo?

Um, what!?! No! Ubuntu this is my device, I'm in control, you do as I tell you!

Seriously about to dd Debian instead.

Ok people, I've got fried chicken breasts with apple chunks along side it. I'm also trying 3 different rubs on the chicken. Mrs dash, brown sugar, and old bay. Hopefully my picky kids will like one of them.

Flax seed oil is still doing awesome. Along with my new metal spatula.

This tablet sucks with photos. But trying my freshly seasoned pans with some bacon.

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