🇳🇱 In two days, on December 5th, we're celebrating ! A time when Dutchies get presents and eat lots of kruidnoten. I'm sending one lucky non-Dutch user a bag of the finest : the rare truffle chocolate ones! 🤤

If you'd like a chance to win this glorious bag of kruidnoten, then comment “Me!” under this toot. I'll randomly select someone on the evening of December 5th.

@jordan31 @Gina
My second language. My first was Fries(not a dialect!). English is my third but really the only one I've spoken regularly for decades. The first 2 are still lodged somewhere in the dark corners of my brain. When I'm around people speaking it, it all comes back to me. Amazingly, I still understand it.

@Tay0 @Gina I have been wanting to learn a second d language. Especially if I move back down south I figured Spanish would be a good second one to start with.

@jordan31 @Gina
I have mixed feelings on the topic of Spanish. Keep in mind that both of my parents immigrated to the US and learned English. Where I live, there are people who were born here and can't speak English. They've grown up in an enclave and only speak Spanish. I don't think that's a good thing. Meanwhile my kids are told that they need to learn Spanish. While we don't have an official language, I think if you come to the US, you need to learn English.

we should have a site with just pronunciation sound bites of Dutch snacks. ;)
What's the weirdest you could come up with? Bitterballen garnituur?

@FiXato @Gina I can't even begin to understand that. my mouth and brain is like "where do I even start" lol.

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