Hey @fosstodon I tried to reply to the warning mail I got, but proton keeps kicking it back. Do you reject replies to these emails or is my stuff just being dumb tonight?

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@fosstodon Also, thank you, I keep forgetting where the CoC and other info is at, the email lists it all for me.

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@jordan31 Nope, we don't reject replies. Try forwarding your reply to @kev and I. Email is the same as our Fosstodon profiles. Let's see if that works.


@mike @kev @fosstodon Eh it's not important. Though if your still needing someone to test it I'll be happy to help.

@jordan31 Sure, you can throw a test message at me to see if things are working that way. Can't hurt to be sure.

@kev @fosstodon

@mike @kev @fosstodon I sent a couple emails. Apparently I was emailing the wrong address. :D

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