@mike @kev Where or how did you get your "cartoon" style profile pictures?

@jordan31 I got mine from @kev, cause he was the one that made them.

@mike @jordan31 @kev Cartoon avatars are ok, if you're into that sort of thing...... 😜

@kev brace yourself. Flurry of requests rapidly approaching ;)

@cooper @mike @jordan31

Hey @jordan31F FWIW, I commissioned someone, on FIVERR, to do mine. IIRC, it was less than $10. I'm sure you could provide Kev's or Mike's as an example, to a commissioned artist, and ask them to replicate it but, stylized after your face.

@kev @gray @mike

@gray @cooper @kev @mike yeah, I’ve seen some people on Mastodon with the same look, so I think people have discovered it. Might have to do what @cooper did.

@cooper @kev @gray @mike thanks, I'll prob do that. Was curious of the program but not sure I really want to tackle it.

@jordan31 I use Inkscape to do it. Just trace a photo with the bezel tool basically.

@cooper @gray @mike

Please don't look at mine. I am sure i have my resons
@mike @jordan31 @kev

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