@Nikolai_Kingsley Hmm, fair point, you can only give someone so much NyQuil. Though, if she doesn't find out for a day or so thing will already be in motion and too late to cancel the order.

@jordan31 If you can afford it, I highly recommend a Prusa i3. Their design, driver board, firmware, and software are all open source.

@jordan31 After some good work in configuring and assembling and paying attention to the instructions the first time... my Creality Ender 3 has never failed me.

I’ve left that thing running for almost 72 straight hours and it turned out great.

But configuring it right and figuring out the little tweaks for your specific prints and filaments can take a bit of time.

All in all a very good investment, dirt cheap if you get a DIY or partially assembled kit, and a good way to learn how they work.

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