So, I was thinking of joining a PeerTube instance to host my (future) content. Upon loading the site I'm greeted by this video.

Yup, might look into creating my own instance, unless someone has one that's a little "cleaner".

note: I'm not hating on the pretty lady or peoples choice of content to create, but, I prefer not be beaten by my wife and to freely share the instance url with family members.

@jordan31 Well, that's a federated video from another instance. What you want is an instance that federates less.

@jordan31 I just setup my own using their docker container:

and I don't follow any other instances from it. I was following the blobcat one, but removed it cause porn.

I would recommend being sure to enable 480p/720p formats (If you forget, you can start a transcode from the command line) and using a decent server (I use a Hetzner dedicated to run all my stuff from: web, peertube, mastodon, etc.).

@jordan31 Honestly the fediverse as a whole lacks content moderation, big time. A few days ago (might be a week) I logged in and basically a NSFW trending hashtag greeted me. And because I wasn't familiar with the tag, I clicked on it. Really shouldn't have... :( (btw it was "gfe" I screenshoted it for documentation).

@jordan31 but your profile says you like frisky women :confused:

@feld lol well yes, I'm not hating the video. But I prefer something I'd feel comfortable giving to family members.

@jordan31 @feld Honestly your best bet is probably to run your own Peertube instance, that way you can have complete control over what content your instance has / federates

@jordan31 The linuxrocks instance only has safe for work content and I suppose as a consequence follows a limited number of other instances.

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