Humble Bundle says you can pause or cancel your monthly subscription, but, I'm not finding those options anywhere...

@jordan31 OH you just made me think I really really need to stop that thing. It's been way too long.

@ghil Same, I honestly forgot about it for the past couple of years. Though if we stop it, we lose our old classic plan and would have to go with the newer, crappier plans they offer now.

@jordan31 Yeah. I'll be honest, that's the only thing that's kept me subbed in the last year at least. Especially since I've moved completely to Linux and game waaaay less than before.

@ghil yup, same here. I rarely fire up a game now days (the past week being the exception).

@jordan31 Not sure. I still keep it in order to maintain the "Classic" plan and rate. Honestly, I end up giving most/all of the games away as they've been getting less and less interesting. Every once in a while, something decent will drop but, it's rare.

@cooper yeah every once a while they will have a game I might want. But mostly its stuff I dont care for. I think I'm going to search again for the pause and divert those funds to the Microsoft game pass.

@jordan31 Can't blame you. Most of mine end up being donated to members of my gaming community or friends. 😜

@cooper Same here, I just gave my pw to a buddy and to my wife and said "have at it" lol.

@jordan31 it’s there. You have to go through three rounds of “are you suuuuure?” but it’s there. I paused my subscription every month for a while for the same reasons until I missed one and realized I don’t even need the new limited plans.

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