Just my opinion but Open-Source seems to be unsustainable in the corporate world. A fair amount of Open-Source also relies on VC funding, which many seem to dislike.

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@jordan31 another hindrance is the need for enterprise support. When shit hits the fan, someone needs to be liable to fix it. As well, it takes time and effort to assure things like SOC2 or HIPAA compliance

@brandon I believe there should be other license pushed forward to the corporate world besides the OSI approved ones. Microsoft has a couple that are interesting, as well as University of Washington, their original license for Pine.

@brandon they retain intellectual property rights but allow for viewing the source code and in some cases modifying. But this still allows for a normal business model and hopefully to create more funding for the project.

@jordan31 I'd be all for that because at least we'd be able to do more in depth auditing of the source AND enterprise could eventually be convinced to change their auditing methodology

@jordan31 @brandon what's wrong with a BSD license then? You can totally build businesses around BSD-licensed software. I was involved in a VC-backed startup that got acquired for megabucks using BSD.

@tomosaigon @brandon absolutely nothing wrong with BSD license as they don't taint other code. And it allows for more freedom for the programmer or corp than than say GPL.

@tomosaigon @brandon but thats if you want people to modify your code. If you want only viewing of source then it wouldn't work.

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