apt-get autoremove amdgpu

Will remove sudo, gnome, every thing else on the system [y/n]

wtf apt...

@jordan31 when you run autoremove it will look for automatically installed packages that are no longer needed by the system. you can mark packages as manually installed by running aptitude unmarkauto package (‘package’ being the name of what you want to unmark) after this the package will be ignored by autoremove

@ramble @jordan31 i guess this could happen after you removed some meta-package that depended on all these?

@piggo @jordan31 yeah, i’ve had it happen to me before on debian. basically apt cant tell what packages you actively use, it only cares if something in your system is depended on by anything else. sometimes when you remove something that was added automatically when you installed the OS it treats all the other auto installed packages as not being dependencies anymore

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