Question for the Fedi.

Does anyone have a suggestion for IRC clients for Android? Prefer FOSS ;)

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@jordan31 You can do weechat in termux if you're feeling like a terminal solution.

@mike Hmm, not sure how I would do that on Lineage, but, I like the sound of it!

Heellooo @jordan31 and nice to Toot you! ๐Ÿ˜Š

I confess I personally don't use it, but maybe others may share experiences around Being included in the F-droid catalogue is a green flag, isn't it?

@ijatz_La_Hojita Thanks, I'll check this one out as well! Just to got to figure out how to install the f-droid store.

@bignose For Android? I use irssi for my computers but was not aware of an Android build.

@jordan31 Yeah, I was surprised.

I don't think I could stand participating in IRC on a handheld device.

@bignose I'm willing to give it a try, at least enough to attempt moving away from discord.

@jordan31 good question. The ones I've tried (last was qicr lite) all sucked, partly due to the up and down nature of network connection on a phone. I think what is best is some sort of bouncer to an always connected irc client running on a server.

@tomosaigon That sounds interesting, and you make a good point.

Sadly I know nothing about IRC so it's all an learning experience.

@jordan31 @tomosaigon
Look on, search 'irc' and you will find at least six clients.

@rudolf @jordan31 I think I'm on fosstodon and searching but not finding much (besides a BitchX account and my own toots). I'll probably figure out how to search for stuff after another week of using Fosstodon ๐Ÿ˜…

@tomosaigon @jordan31
Sorry for that, I should not post when I am tired. It should be, not fosstodon.

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