The edge channel on is unreal. It's like a whole different OS or experience.

You didn't switch on you daily phone I hope? 😜

I'm not sure how to feel about the completely empty home screen. I mean, uh, what's the point of all this screen space if you put nothing useful on it. We'll have to get used to it, it's coming in the next OTA. Oh well, I guess I could always install a launcher.

@normandc Yeah lol Podbird wasn't loading correctly, so I went full YOLO on my daily phone. I must say I like the speed improvments, and I kind of like the new menu. But, I totally get what you mean, it feels weird having a blank home screen. I'm also having to adjust using the phone with my left hand (since the launcher is on the left).

@jordan31 @normandc this is good to hear. i'm on the stable channel with my nexus 5 and it's way too slow.


All right... I was already thinking of switching from stable to edge... and now you've convinced me.

Maybe I'll install #Arch on my laptop now for some of that sweet, sweet AUR goodness...


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