#ShowerThoughts: one simple way to reduce the flood of #eWaste would be to say to vendors, you can't sell new computers (including anything that runs an OS) in our country without a 10 year full replacement guarantee, or more. That way hardware companies would have an incentive to make devices that last, and provide at least 10 years of software updates.

@strypey "From 2021, firms will have to make appliances longer-lasting, and they will have to supply spare parts for machines for up to 10 years."

It doesn't say anything about software updates though.


> thats a long time to produce parts for older appliances.

Maybe, but it's also a good incentive to:
* make parts as durable as possible
* standardize parts as much as possible, so the same parts can be used across multiple generations of devices
* make devices modular, so when the least durable parts fail they don't force replacement of still working parts too
* allow third parties to manufacture spares and perform repairs, to defray the costs of honouring the guarantee

@strypey @jordan31 @hexmasteen also, make components *repairable* in the first place. These days a mechanic hardly ever repairs anything, they replace entire components, and if it's an expensive component it might get shipped off for refurbishing otherwise it's all scrapped.


@kungtotte @strypey @hexmasteen I'm betting prices will rise in the future, but, maybe settle back down a few years later.

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