Meteorologists' jobs must be getting more and more difficult these days. Stay safe out there!

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In media studies, they often show how reporting of things can be skewed by how "close" the observer is to the event. Sometimes it's a good idea to back up and look at the big picture. And with footage from a drone, it doesn't get any more #impartial.

Flooding across at least four counties in the region; drone footage showcasing the reality of a large concentration of climate change deniers. How closely have they read their insurance policies? Good luck cleaning that up!

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@indie thats sad, i hope the best for them and a speedy recovery to normal life.

Part of me wants to be that nice, but other part of me thinks that every single person who voted for Kansas Senator Jerry Moran deserves every wallop of punishment they get. Moran's history of #EvilActions against Mother Earth means he is a proven enemy of indigenous peoples:


@indie but its not just one group that suffered. All suffered and a are still human. Not saying I agree with anyone politically, but I hope them speedy recovery.

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