I also forgot to order another compact flash card for the firewall. Pretty sure I might need more than 256MB of storage. Maybe a 16GB will do fine for pf-sense.

@boblmartens Just hoping it will accept that large of a flash drive. I know I have to do some fiddling in the bios to get it to accept larger than 256 or 512MB (can't remember which).

@jordan31 I believe I did it with a 2 GB card once, maybe even that model series.

@jordan31 Now I’m not sure, however. I should break out one of our boxes and give it a shot again.

@boblmartens Oh if you do post some shots of it. I love seeing other setups, esp from people who know what they are doing, unlike me :D

@jordan31 Then you would not like to see mine. Definitely don’t know what I am doing. 😉

@boblmartens haha, don't get me wrong, I love seeing all the different setups by anyone, even the day 1 amateurs (more like myself).

I'm hoping I can use mine as a VPN/firewall. If it's hardware meets the basic requirements.

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