I'm thinking of starting a video mini series that educates parents (and a subset of adults that look after children) on the ins and outs of parenting their child in a world where social media is so prevalent.

What topics/realms of interest would you like to see covered if I were to do such a thing?

Is this something you'd be willing to support financially/donate to? I would be doing it with or without funding, though funding would allow me to make it a little more polished.


@brandon Another thing would be the apps that hide what they really are. ex. calculator app that is actually serves another purpose, with intentions of keeping stuff hidden from parents etc.

Our DA use to cover some of these topics, and honestly it was underrated.

I think it's worth a mention but I'm not into helicopter parenting. If a child/an adolescent feels like they have to hide something from their parents, it's probably because their parents taught them that there's a reason to hide those things.

When I tackle that subject, I'll be sure to advocate caution with how close they intend to observe their children

@brandon Yeah everything in moderation, it's a good approach.

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