In just a few mins I'll be signing my info over to Microsoft. Why does Microsoft require a MS email account just to use their Windows 10? Like, that's so dumb.

Is there a easy way to search all your toots for a phrase?

I reverse engineered the network protocol for a Atem Mini video mixer and made a gnome application to control it :)

I am uncomfortably fascinated by I'm so happy FORTH is starting to make a resurgence...

Started to think about setting up a Home server, but honestly I'm completely lost.

Do you know any good guides or any tips on the subject? Can I repurpose an old laptop or should I buy a new one?

Awesome Masculinity, Computers, & You.

This was originally released as an exclusive perk for subscribers. But the topic is incredibly important.

So it's now free for everyone.

Watch it for free on Odysee:

@Tay0 I took your advice and picked some up. Going to find a cheap mirror to use as new bed.

We're looking for a Snap developer willing to contribute to Akira. Do you want to help us bring Akira everywhere via the Snap Store? Join us if you have some spare time and you're interested in contributing.

Getting ready to wipe my "beefier" vps. I'll install jitsi and maybe owncast on it. The weaker vps can host irc and blogs.

Wondering if I should install jitsi on a 4core 2GB RAM server or a 2core server.

Depending on the answer I may have to move a bunch if stuff between the servers

Also its hard maintain two accounts on tusky. I keep forgetting which account I'm on, I keep posting religious topics to fosstodon and tech topics to there'

Its come to my attention that after more than 20+ muting of servers, its just impossible to tailor the federated timeline to my preference. I may just start fresh with my own instance or find another platform.

Truly it's easier to make an allow list than a block list.

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