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Jordan Peterson on the vaxx. The guy's my spirit animal sometimes. Der fuhrer trudeau has forced me to bring mine papahs to work just to keep my job now. I keep them in a soviet union passport because that's the sort of regime we're living under.

Papers, please!

I’m ready for vacation in Hungry. Would be interesting to visit there.

Yeah, the fediverse has turned to crap. Can we get a do over?

Haiku or plan9? I’m willing to step away from Linux for something different.

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There's Life Announcement and Request (long) 

Hello, world! Or, more specifically, the #TheresLife community.

I hope you all are doing well and are having incredibly enjoyable days.

The announcement: I'm going to be stepping down as administrator of There's Life. I will be increasingly busy with work, school, and family in the following months and I was wisely advised to pass my role to someone else.

I'm not going to write some farewell address, since I'm not leaving just yet. Instead, I am currently looking for another capable administrator who would be interested in taking my place.

This would involve:

Administrating the server (updates, general sysadmin stuff)
Administrating the website (managing federation, descriptions, helping people with their accounts, etc.)
Guiding the direction of There's Life

Along with any other miscellaneous tasks these require.

There are many people who can manage a server, but fewer are likely to be willing to handle all of these.

All other projects related to There's Life, including the Plume instance, Funkwhale instance, and all future plans, will be continued or ended according to the discretion of the new administrator.

Yes, I'm looking for another "BDFL". Unless the community is coordinated enough to manage everything by itself, this is the primary option available.

The whole transition will take place over a certain amount of time and will involve lots of communication (text messaging, video calls) to ensure that the new administrator will be faithful and trustworthy.

Primary qualifications:

Has some experience with system administration (it need not be professional)
Is a follower of Jesus (this is a Christian community)

If you'd like to discuss this and possibly consider taking this position, please come chat over Matrix. My ID is @mott:matrix.org

Feel free to ask any questions you may have about this.

More information about this will be posted in the coming weeks and keep the process transparent to the community.

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Hey all, seems I’ve mostly got my #pleroma instance working. Since I’ll be moving there I ask that if you want to keep the convos going to please follow @jordan

I’ll be trying to move everything off of theres.life and fosstodon to pleroma.crowesnest.io this week.


I was thining @fribbledom had duf on sr.ht. Am I wrong?

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Check out my super hip, ultra light simple display manager :P


I wrote it because both lightdm and gdm are tilting when they try to figure out my display resolution and it was driving me mad. Simplicity has won the day.

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Ooh, a glorious text-mode resource, for command line or browser: a universe of cheat sheet information for the CLI, for programming languages, for emacs, and on and on.

Set your coordinates to cht.sh


or see the extensive documentation in the repo

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Please boost if you like , niche programming languages, retro computing, or smallnet, please. I'm looking for online nerd friends.

Hey stocks, the moon is the opposite direction!

What happens when you leave something acidic in your skillet?

I should have mentioned I want a mastodon app that doesn’t block instances by default. Is that possible on the iOS App Store?

What’s a good iOS mastodon app? Asking for a friend, not really, it’s for me…

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Is still a thing?

I remember it peaking way back in 2017-18-ish when distributed torrent tracker zites were implemented. Probably a good time to look it up again, I guess.


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Regarding the freenode controversy, I had thought the fault was mostly on one side.

But after seeing this post by prawnsalad, I'm not too sure...

May be the 'echo chambers' played a role?



In just a few mins I'll be signing my info over to Microsoft. Why does Microsoft require a MS email account just to use their Windows 10? Like, that's so dumb.

Installing update 1 billion of Windows 10.

Is there a easy way to search all your toots for a phrase?

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