Re-installing Elementary on the laptop, sadly removing FreeBSD. I didn't have time to figure out how to get wifi working. :/

Oh wow, I ate way too much hibachi. The shrimp and chicken fried rice is the bomb. Now its time for my food coma.

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Hiding a stash of cocaine worth $22,000 in the woods might not have been the dumbest idea this suspected gang of drug dealers came up with, but it was certainly the least effective.

According to Newsweek, a horde of wild boars ruthlessly destroyed it with utter indifference.

According to The Local, the animals ripped into a sealed package of cocaine and proceeded to litter the nearby woodlands with its powdery contents.

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I will say 102 fever is a terrible feeling. I've not had a temp that high in a long time.

Yay, another round of bronchitis in the right lung please...

Seems it's a tie between the two. I guess they both offer pretty good courses.

Oh, I just remembered I blacklisted the Nouveau driver. So i'm guessing the updat included a newer kernel and now there is no driver installed, resulting in just a black screen.

I could totally be wrong, but it's a start. Too bad it took me a couple of days to realize this. :D

Which one do you prefer. Feel free to list others.

Not sure what happened but seems my desktop is failing to boot into my OS. Not sure if its just Linux or Windows as well.

Hopefully this isn't a failing HDD.

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Decided to write a little bit about my modest at home setup...

Am not going to renew my Kimsufi budget hosted server this year, and have already dropped a VPS I had, as a few ARM boards at home are cheaper, less of a commitment, and enough to scratch the itch 🙂

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Bombs! Land mines! Sticky bombs! Boxing gloves! Ice bombs! TNT!
BombSquad is a lively 8-player party game. Blow up your friends in mini-games ranging from capture-the-flag to hockey. 💣💣💣

snap install bombsquad

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I'm tempted to buy a monthly sub for Jet Brains CLion. Like, it looks nice.

Maybe I'll give it a free try first.

Feels much better to use that block button when viewing the federated timeline.

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Hope there was a instance for FOSS and/or Devs.
I'm creating an account and the only instances available for signup are general topic ones.

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Lineage OS is nice, but I'm constantly trying to swipe the screen as if it's .

The swipe for navigation is really nice and honestly one of the big key features in Ubuntu Touch. More mobile OS should take a lesson.

To all who gave me tips on installing lineage , thank you. And thanks to all who recommended antenna pod. I started using it last night and so far I'm enjoying it.

Now I got to check out tiny tiny RSS for my RSS needs.

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