Is capitalism bad or just surveillance capitalism?

OK i got free proton vpn installed
on Linux i wrote a tutorial on how i did it and snapped a photo for you guys.

So sad to hear the passing of sergiqp long time @ubports community member and #UbuntuTouch #UBports fan and conference organiser and uNav maker. He will be missed. My thoughts are with his family.

Mechanical keyboards are cool because they go clickclack and they look so good

I don't think I've stated my personal opinion on Tim before on the fediverse. I think I'll still withhold that, but, just imagine a lot of swearing and bad juju towards him and you would be close.

We understand some people may want to use Pixelfed with family and friends in a closed environment.

Restricted Mode will allow you to require authentication for every page and disable federation support with a single command.

It will be shipping in the next version! #pixelfed

Maybe tomorrow with my off time I can write a blog post. Not sure of topic yet.

Would a Raspberry Pi 3+ Be able to handle PiHole, Unbound, and PiVPN?

A recent article on a big tech news site included this phrase:

"[...] Linux phones like the PinePhone, [...]are full of closed-source firmware from non-open components"

We'd like to clear the record: The has two blobs -- neither runs on the main SoC: One loaded to WiFi/BT module, other enclosed within the cell modem. In the modern world of tech, both blobs are unavoidable.

For an overview from someone with deep knowledge of both the PinePhone and Librem 5:

I'm adopting @distrotube's Code of Conduct. Why? It's easy - it's already my Code of Conduct. Work hard and _don't be an asshole_.

Found this on the ground this morning near Hackescher Markt

If anyone knows Christina from Berlin and Christina wants it back, let me know :BoostOkay: can be blocked if admins are wanting @kev @mike as it seems to be just porn
But at least the content is cw.
I'm personally blocking the instance for myself.

Fried up some hot pancakes and sausage for me and the ole lady for breakfast. Now she is off to work and I think I'll watch some TV until the kids wake up.

Anyone with a pinebook older gen and newer; how is the battery life?

I'm wondering if I should get one since I already own a cheaper HP laptop with elementary installed. The HP isn't very strong, can play some games like stawdew valley but its battery life is terrible.

I'd like a light weight portable laptop with a good battery life for simple things such as writing or surfing the web. Hell id almost be fine if it didn't have a display server installed.

I need to add my ironman photo to my blog, cause why not.

Also I want to see get together grow and maybe find some interesting groups in NC.

There are some groups on meetup, such as hiking groups and something about girls only. But nothing really tech related or amateur lugs.

I don't know about the rest of the US buy its cold in NC. From pleasant weather to colder than a witche's titty.

My sinus can't take this much more :(

I really want to redesign my blog. And maybe finally work on some of the backlog of posts.

Tried logging into pixelfed from tusky but app kept crashing.

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