Some conversations are just not worth it, or will lead to no where. Ill waste my time watching a movie instead.

What happens when you break up Big Tech, Big Coms, or Big anything? Others come in and gobble up the bits and form new Big Whatevers. Killing off the smaller Whatevers at the same time. Look into how news stations and radio stations were killed off and brought under the heel of bigger companies in the 80s. Mom and Pop and small town radio stations and news hardly exist anymore as independents.

Update: I will not be following the EU's laws, you know, because I live in America.

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I've been feeling a little dejected the past few days; in terms of the / / standards / growing vertical integration over all of modern culture.

But I don't want to talk about that today.

Today I wanna talk about:

What are your favorite most exciting free software projects that don't get enough love/attention? Either just starting ot established? I wanna know.

@dansup is this just me or for others? Seems the phone images could use some tweaking.

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PeerTube or LBRY? I'm curious what people think of these two platforms.

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Sometimes it's easy to forget what the customer really needs—repurposed tread.

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I've tooted while 3D printing this lampshade last week - and as promised, here is a photo of it in "action".

Still a bit of stringing to clean up, but if I may say so myself, this looks rather stunning!

ESP8266-powered with an HTTP API to remotely control it and make it light up to indicate events 😊

#3dprint #photo

I got to find a new appeared for mastodon on Ubuntu Touch. The one I'm using isn't bad but, leaves a little to desire.

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An excellent reason to promote open source in schools.

From DebianEdu wiki:

"Why consider it?

It is Free software: not only in price but also in the way schools are allowed to use it. This is ethically important to an educational environment as it should avoid being an arena where piracy is accepted or encouraged but a place that promotes the making and sharing of knowledge. This project provides user-friendly licenses that gives rights not responsibilities. "


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Files? Check. Friends? Check. Let's see how you can magically share your documents, photos and videos with other people using Magic Wormhole.

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I am looking for a reliable #PeerTube instance for the @fsfe. Enough space for our videos (reasonable daily or high overall limit) , HTTP import, no #nsfw content, servers and operator within the EU.

Can you help me? isn't really helpful in this regard...

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Lol, oh the fun of late night mastodon, regardless of the server you are on.

So I'm really wanting to love this elementary modified version of Epiphany browser, but time to move on and keep testing the other browsers you all suggested.

In mean time, Firefox is still my back up. :/

Argh, I'm so hungry. I skipped dinner because I was too tired.
Mistakes were made...

I really want the spaghetti now.

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