Lol I lose followers because I don't dislike my country or the current adminstration. Well, to each their own. Don't blame them, it's your timeline, make it enjoyable for you.

What about another live development vlog this Sunday to show you the progress we did with Artboards and the File Save system?

Just got the census form in the mail, I'm excited to fill this out. Also, I'm curious of the results.

@trevdev whoa, no hair or beard. Was trying to figure out who this was lol.

i found this old screenshot from almost 12 years ago (2008/04/08). i was running gentoo, openbox wm and a couple of conky scripts and "invisible" terminals for the widgets. the laptop was gericom hummer with 2.8ghz single core celeron and 512mb of ram. :)

Not sure what's happened, but, groups on dirs keep getting changed to postgres. So annoying, wish I could figure it out. Sadly, I'm too tired to fiddle with Sonarr + rtorrent + rutorrent anymore tonight.

Debian boots to black screen with blinking cursor. Yay. I'm assuming this is apu/GPU related issue. So annoying. I just want cinnamon on my laptop

Just realized my Nexus 5 is missing. Must find it as its my Ubuntu Touch device.

Starting to wonder if I should let me kids play in my office.

apt-get autoremove amdgpu

Will remove sudo, gnome, every thing else on the system [y/n]

wtf apt...

Apparently I have a GPU driver issue with gnome. Guess I'll have to figure it out tomorrow or install another DE. At least a tty doesn't care about such nonsense.

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