The pinecone says "knock knock!" as is flies into my front door.

so anyone have a clue what causes this error on a fresh install of Debian and sway from Debian repo?

William English, Computer Mouse Co-Creator, Has Passed

We are saddened to report that William English, co-inventor of the computer mouse, died July 26 in San Rafael, California. He was 91 years old.

Bill at the controls at Stanford Research Institute. โ€ฆ

Original tweet :

Blockchain for crypto, nah.
Blockchain for businesses to create a ledger of supply chain, sure.

Been listening to Demi Lovato a lot today, mainly one song where she just kicks ass with her voice. Friend says I've gone soft and need a punch to the face.

>.> guess I'll have to go listen to slipknot or something.

Just had a rude awakening, some how a balloon floated into the bedroom and had a fight with the ceiling fan.

So you have a server at home, and you're on the road. You find that your server is offline, but nobody is at home to troubleshoot. Your modem, router, or server probably just need to be rebooted, but because your server is down, you can't remote in to trigger a reboot.

How do people solve this problem?

I'm not against ppl having nicks or hiding information to stay a little hidden online, but, I'm not against those that want to share just a bit of their selves. Even if its partial name, their profile pictures, etc.

I am against using these means to be total poo poo heads online to other people. Not the ones that argue or have string opinions but the ones that target and grief others for [insert reasons here].

Us pol anti trust 

I normally don't want federal involved in private businesses. But, how did Google help develop AI that would be used by the Chinese military slip by the US federal government? Like really. Come on dudes.

Forced to get back on the highway at that one red light that only changes color twice per year. :ohgno:

Rclone is awesome. Onedrive officially mounted with R/W privg. Now I can blissfully access my school documents from a terminal.

Holy cow, this is the best website I have seen in a while! So simple, yet effective, love it! @mryouse

I find that my blog doesn't look terrible Ina text based browser. Just my thoughts

As I stated earlier, I may or may not have been writing some new blog posts..Well, here is one of those mays.

After inspecting page source code I found that logo at the top-left is called watermark.png and it is in images directory.
Server configuration for Nginx gives out the place of static content. They are in /usr/share/jitsi-meet directory.

I found top-left logo at /usr/share/jitsi-meet/images/watermark.png and replaced it with another image.


I may or may not be writing a few opinion posts about Mozilla, anti trust hearing, and Spotify.

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