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Death to all Coca Cola Cans with This Miniature Arduino Powered Cannon

[MJKZZ] sends in this entertaining little tutorial on building a small automated cannon out of a syringe.

He starts the build off by modifying an arc lighter, the fancy kind one mig… hackaday.com/2019/12/08/death-

Original tweet : twitter.com/hackaday/status/12

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This is one of the best webpages I think I’ve ever read...


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Listened to 20mins of Rush while driving, finally home but have to start breakfast, prepare the smoker and grill for later, then head to a birthday party.

What I really want is about 10 hours of solid deep sleep. Sadly I'll prob only get another 5 hours at most then be called into work on my off day.


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Bernie Sanders unveils a "High-Speed Internet for All" plan with $150B to build publicly owned broadband networks, wants to break up ISPs like Comcast and AT&T (Jacob Pramuk/CNBC) - Jacob Pramuk / CNBC:Bernie Sanders unveils a “High-Speed Internet for All” plan with $150B to bu... more: techmeme.com/191206/p9#a191206

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Successfully flashed ubtouch on my new Sony Xperia X.

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Amazon is reportedly facing an antitrust probe of its cloud business - Amazon is reportedly being looked at in the US regarding potentially anticompetitive policies when... more: techradar.com/news/amazon-is-r

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“Anyone not deranged by Trump hatred would have seen an elegant first lady inviting the camera into what she calls the “people’s house,” adjusting the occasional bauble as she strolls around, while allowing the decorations to star. It’s hard to find anything to criticize in the video, but that didn’t stop Givhan’s poison pen.“

Why is Sunday considered weekend when its listed as the beginning on the calendar?

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is a morse code practise tool.

morse-x is a small program that creates a window which accepts morse code input from the keyboard. Keypresses will key a pulse, and morse-x will attempt to interpret what the user keyed after a space. morse-x has a configurable words per minute speed, and can automatically calibrate to your speed with an on-screen calibration routine.

apt 📦️: morse-x

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Okay fellow Fosstodonians, a question. Do you have other interests, hobbies, passions; whatever you call it, other than FOSS and computers, etc?

For me it's food/cooking, fly fishing, and pottery. Sometimes it feels a little odd, they're all so disparate, but I really like them all.

My partner and I have almost 450 cookbooks (I know, it's a problem) & use them all. I've been fly fishing for 35 years. And pottery is something I've been interested in since university, which is 24 years ago.

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‪Yeah, baby!‬

‪The Lunduke Show has overtaken minutephysics to become the #3 channel on LBRY!

‪#1, here I come!

So Mongo has a license that restricts a business use of their products. Should a business adopt their own version of an open license? One that would allow viewing of the source code but restrict reuse and modifications. Possibly restricting the viewing of source code to only whom buys the software or a license to it?

Is Open Source or FOSS friendly to private businesses and the enterprise world while protecting their product?

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**Trump held undisclosed meeting with Turkey’s dictator Erdoğan at NATO**

"Not the first time a foreign power has been the first to reveal Trump met with their top leaders."


#news #bot

I'm wondering if a restrictive business Foss like license is needed.

Im thinking about checking out another social media platform. Maybe this WT thing people keep posting about.

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Another good example of planetshine: The moons Rhea and Enceladus are mostly illuminated from Saturn, with a crescent of direct sunlight.


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