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Hi folks! My (first?) thesis stream is now up! We talked through my thesis at a high level, and then walked through the current draft of the evaluation chapter. Along the way, I also did Q&A about PhDs and thesis writing. Hopefully it's interesting :)

There seems to be a decent amount of interest in, so let's dig into my PhD thesis evaluation on Saturday at 5:30pm UTC ( I'll be focusing on the research/academic aspects of the work, not the Rust parts this time :) Bring questions if you have any! As always, I'll be live on and, and the recorded stream will be uploaded to YouTube afterwards.

I wonder — is there interest in a shorter stream where I walk through some of my thesis evaluation work so far? Relatively informal, just chatting about what the thesis work focuses on, how I'm evaluating it, what the figures show, how I got to these particular figures, etc.?

The Crust of Rust episode on Rc/RefCell/Cell and Arc/RwLock/Mutex is now up — get it while it's hot! We covered smart pointers and interior mutability, and even did a quick-dive into UnsafeCell and the Drop Check 😮

Several of you have asked me for a Crust of Rust on smart pointers (Arc/Rc/Deref) and interior mutability (RefCell/Mutex/Cell) in , and I think it's about time. Let's do a stream on Wednesday at 8:30p UTC (,) as usual. Come one come all! 📺 🦀

Yesterday's Crust of Rust on iterators and trait bounds is now on YouTube, fresh out of the oven (literally; my apartment was ~95°F at the end). We re-implemented Iterator::flatten, including the DoubleEndedIterator parts! 🥧

You can see the thesis experiment orchestration code here: Huge thanks to @akshayknarayan for his work on adding async and Azure support to tsunami. And to @mycoliza for tracing which just continues to be awesome.

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So, a while back, I built a library called "tsunami" that lets you easily run multi-machine one-shot jobs on AWS. Now, it lets me run all of the distributed experiments for my thesis concurrently with a single command. Pretty neat!

The second Crust of Rust video is up! We went over how to implement the vec! macro, including how to get it to efficiently pre-allocate memory for the provided elements. Get it while it's hot! 🥧

The Crust of Rust mini session on lifetimes seems to have been helpful, so let's do more! I'll cover declarative macros (macro_rules!) on Wed at 8:30p UTC ( As before, it'll assume you have some
experience already, but anyone is welcome ❤️ 🥧 Just like always, the stream will be live on on, and I'll upload it to YouTube after :)

I'm going to call it "Crust of Rust", hoping that a name will make me do more of these (assuming y'all find this one useful). It fits well, since I'm covering the scarier "edges" that come up for more intermediate Rust users in bite-sized chunks 🥧 If you have ideas for other Rust crusts, send them my way! Try to think of topics that could be covered in ~90m. I'll start curating a list of session topics, and hopefully I'll find the time to do another in not too long. In the meantime, stay safe!

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The recording of my first mini session is now up! We covered lifetime annotations through a real code example, and people seemed to follow along and understand why the lifetimes were needed and how they worked 🎉 Watch it at

In about 6 hours, I'll do a shorter and more beginner-friendly stream on multiple lifetimes, strings, and some generics. As usual, the stream will be live on and, and I'll upload it afterwards. While it'll be *more* beginner-friendly than my usual streams, it won't be *introductory*. I'll assume that you've read the Rust book, and that you have written some Rust code. But as always, anyone is welcome, so stop by even if just to say hi ❤️

Recording of the Noria stream is up! I think it went well — people seemed to follow the system design and the bug we ended up partially fixing, even though it was quite technical! If you're stuck at home and craving some research-y , give it a try: You can find the project website with code, papers, and other related material at

It seems like there's a lot of interest in a live-stream where I work on Noria, my research database written in . So, I will do one *tomorrow* at 8:30pm UTC (4:30p Eastern; on YouTube and Twitch as usual. Come do research with me 🤓

Apparently is shutting down, so had to move my profile to! Luckily, I was able to also move the followers, though apparently Mastodon doesn't currently also let you move the "toots"... At least I have them backed up though, so maybe one day! Until the end of March, you can see my old toots at


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