We didn't actually make the cargo crate compile faster, but we did explore pretty much every tool that might help you reduce your crate build time. And found that the tools still have some ways to go to produce actionable information 😅

I haven't been able to stop thinking about 3blue1brown's video on their Wordle-playing algorithm — youtube.com/watch?v=v68zYyaEmE — so I'm going to try to implement it in Rust this Saturday at 6pm UTC (everytimezone.com/s/116b2d6e). We'll write a very naive implementation of the 3b1b algorithm first, and then iteratively profile and improve to make it fast!

I... accidentally another 7 hours video on implementing hazard pointers in . Implemented some neat optimizations added to folly since last time, and then added some tests with loom!

The full digital version of Rust for Rustaceans is now up on nostarch.com/rust-rustaceans! I don't have a final schedule for the print version yet, but you can at least start reading it in pixel form 🎉 I hope you end up finding it useful ❤️

Also, I just submitted the last round of edits (in theory) for the last chapter of Rust of Rustaceans. What remains now is mostly procedural stuff, like indexing the book, and then it'll go to print! Such a weird feeling — my evenings will be my own again 😮 If you haven't already, you can get both the early access ebook and preorder the final, published thing at nostarch.com/rust-rustaceans. There's even a 25% off discount code on there now!

Forgot to post here! The Crust of stream on async/await is now up! My hope is that it's a bit more approachable than the deep-dive video I did a while ago, and that it provides some of the intuition and mental model that comes in handy when _using_ async/await. youtube.com/watch?v=ThjvMReOXY

Part two of the Hazard Pointer in implementation series now up — get it while it's fresh 🦀 youtu.be/_LK7qvBWNYo

Recording of today's stream on implementing hazard pointers in is up! We actually got to running tests, which is good progress for the first iteration. Still some known TODOs and missing features, but a great start! youtu.be/fvcbyCYdR10

@pablo_escobar Honestly, your best bet is likely to be either users.rust-lang.org/ or the community Discord at discord.gg/rust-lang-community. There are *tons* of people there happy to help :)

@janriemer Haha, thanks, I was pretty happy with the analogy myself :p Happy to hear my approach of going theory first worked for you!

The video of our first steps into implementing "A Practical Wait-Free Simulation for Lock-Free Data Structures" in is up! I miss these longer streams — they're a lot of fun. Still some way to go, but we made good progress! youtu.be/Bw8-vvtA-E8

@pablo_escobar Hi Pablo! Glad to hear you find my videos helpful — that's what keeps me motivated to keep making more :D I do remember! Flurry has definitely slowed down recently, most of all because of github.com/jonhoo/flurry/pull/ which really needs to land before anything else.

I'm very happy with how today's stream on atomics and memory ordering in turned out. Hopefully this'll help clear up the confusion and mystery that surrounds the std::sync::atomic module, and allow more people to write good concurrent code! youtube.com/watch?v=rMGWeSjctl

Video of the Drop Check stream is now up! This was a fun one — the topic is pretty niche already, but we got into some deliciously obscure (but educational) corners towards the end. Hopefully this should shed some light on PhantomData<T> and #[may_dangle]!

My Crust of Rust episode on subtyping and variance in is now up at youtu.be/iVYWDIW71jk. Even though it's a thorny topic that I'm fairly new to myself, I _think_ we managed to explain the concepts and their practical implications without too many 🍿 moments.

My segment on New Relic's "The Relians" 24h stream is now up on twitch.tv/videos/897132746! My stream partner, Aisha Blake, started out with no experience, yet we got all the way to a CSV-to-JSON converter 🎉 Good stream for anyone curious about this "Rust thing" coming from the world of JavaScript 🍿

I was interviewed on The Virtual World Podcast this weekend! It was an interesting conversation, and hopefully not just to me 😅 twitter.com/tytr_dev/status/13

First episode of The Unsafe Chronicles is now up on YouTube! We talk through some particularly funky unsoundness around aliasing a Box, and how to deal with it the context of the left-right concurrency primitive. youtube.com/watch?v=EY7Wi9fV5b

I'm going to try out a new type of stream on Saturday @ 6pm UTC (everytimezone.com/s/86025e61): "The Unsafe Chronicles". The idea is to go through an interesting experience with unsafe Rust code and how to fix it. It'll be more "explainer" than "coding" like my usual streams — but will hopefully be interesting nonetheless!

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