Also, I just submitted the last round of edits (in theory) for the last chapter of Rust of Rustaceans. What remains now is mostly procedural stuff, like indexing the book, and then it'll go to print! Such a weird feeling — my evenings will be my own again 😮 If you haven't already, you can get both the early access ebook and preorder the final, published thing at There's even a 25% off discount code on there now!

@jonhoo nice. Already ordered the print edition some weeks ago and looking forward to it. Just noticed that you have a dedicated chapter to Testing and would vote for a separate video stream on this topic, specifically in regards to mocking external services such as databases or web APIs in Integration Tests…

@appelgriebsch @jonhoo Oh, yes, I'm really interested in the Testing topic as well, because Rust is a pretty static language and so mocking tends to be more difficult.

@jonhoo That's so awesome!🥳
I can't imagine, how much work it must have taken you.🥺

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