The video of our first steps into implementing "A Practical Wait-Free Simulation for Lock-Free Data Structures" in is up! I miss these longer streams — they're a lot of fun. Still some way to go, but we made good progress!

@jonhoo Now at timestamp 1:46:30 (shortly before actual code).🙂

I really like it that you first dive deep into theory before implementing it in practice. I think it perfectly resembles the way one should learn #Rust itself (and probably anything really!?).

Your explanation and teaching style are a true gift to the mind.🧠 Thank you, Jon!❤️

PS: I've really liked the analogy with the ball-throwing.😅

@janriemer Haha, thanks, I was pretty happy with the analogy myself :p Happy to hear my approach of going theory first worked for you!

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