I'm very happy with how today's stream on atomics and memory ordering in turned out. Hopefully this'll help clear up the confusion and mystery that surrounds the std::sync::atomic module, and allow more people to write good concurrent code!

@jonhoo I'm far from being confortable with concurrent code. However, you videos help a lot!

Btw, I'm GarkGarcia on GitHub, do you remeber me? I used to contribute to flurry, but unfortunetally I haven't been able to contribute much lately :/

I learned a lot working on flurry though :)

@pablo_escobar Hi Pablo! Glad to hear you find my videos helpful — that's what keeps me motivated to keep making more :D I do remember! Flurry has definitely slowed down recently, most of all because of which really needs to land before anything else.

@jonhoo thank you so much for this recording.

I used atomics from time to time already, just recently a few days back, and always use either Relaxed or SeqCst for the ordering.

This helped me a lot in understanding what the other ordering modes are for, although I don't "see" yet any personal use case for them so far. Maybe when trying to build synchronization primitives for learning purposes.

@jonhoo Again, such a well structured, interesting stream, culminating into SeqCst Ordering! An educational experience, indeed! Absolutely mindblowing!

Thank you so much, Jon, for this fantastic stream! You make the Rust community shine!❤️ ✨ 🦀

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