Hey folks! I'm still hacking away at my thesis, but wanted to share one chapter draft ahead of time: "Noria in simpler terms". It is my attempt at explaining my thesis work to those who do not have extensive database or systems experience, like my mom ❤️

As the goal of this chapter is to make the broad strokes of the work approachable to a general audience, I figured I'd get as many eyes on it as possible. If something in there doesn't make sense, please let me know and I'll see what I can do to improve it! No promises though 😅

@jonhoo That was pretty cool--I like the metaphor and it actually makes sense! Is Noria what you are developing or are you making improvements to it or what?

@chiasm I'm glad you found it possible to follow! I developed Noria over the course of my PhD, though the actual research contribution of my thesis are the "upqueries" and the partial state that they enable. The other "stuff" already existed in one form or another in other systems.

@jonhoo Interesting! I don't do database R&D myself but a lot of my research ends up being database-adjacent both in topic and in who I am collaborating with. So I know some of the issues but not in any depth. I like the idea of upquerying, though I can imagine it's challenging to implement. Congrats on pushing your project through to a conclusion!😄

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