Hey folks! It looks like the Q&A was pretty popular, though many people who couldn't make it live also wanted to ask questions. So, I'm going to do one more next week before I pack up my computer to move, and this time you can submit+vote for questions @ ! I don't know exactly when it'll be, but my current best guess is either this Tuesday or Wednesday at 8:30pm UTC ( I'll announce once the final time is decided.

@jonhoo Thank you so much for doing these Q&A's! It was really insightful to hear your opinion on things.❤️

@jonhoo Your answer about how to teach effectively has really struck a chord with me (

To add to the things you've said about "feeling of achievement":
I think it is really important to not give pupils the solution to a problem right away, but first let them figure it out for themselves, by laying little breadcrumbs along the way. This will lead to aha-moments, when you, the teacher, finally reveal the solution, because the pupils might have already figured it out for themselves.🤯

@janriemer I'm glad! The person whose PhD defense I referred to in the answer now also has a Twitter, and I think her plan is to publish her defense at some point. May be worth a follow:

@jonhoo Cool, thank you for the info. 🙂 Unfortunately, I have no twitter account🙁 , but I will definitely check her twitter from time to time. Very interesting topic!

PS: I really like her twitter handle 😄
PS2: Thank you for your Q&A Part 2. Time slot is blocked for me on the weekend. 😉

@jonhoo And thank you for doing all of the timestamps.
Doing this, basically requires you to watch the whole stream and putting the timestamps in, which is a lot of work, especially for a Q&A, where topics change so frequently.
Thank you so much for putting so much time and energy into it! This is very valuable to a lot of people! 😘

@janriemer Hehe, yeah, it was a tonne of work, but I also figured that the VOD would basically be useless without it :p

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